Black Ops “Escalation” Map Pack Is OUT…

Black Ops "Escalation" Map Pack Is OUT...

It is May 3rd and anyone who is anyone knows today is the release of the Black Ops Escalation Map Pack.

Escalation contains four brand-spankin'-new competitive multiplayer maps

  • Zoo
  • Convoy
  • Hotel
  • and Stockpile

as well as an all-new Zombies mode map called "Call of the Dead".

The Map Pack, which is currently only available on Xbox LIVE

If anyone was lucky to see, it was revealed by Activision on April 11 where a poster of Escalation was published on a website -- it was taken down shortly after.

Several videos have been released showing off Escalation, including the announcement trailer, a video giving us a "Taste of Escalation" and another trailer showing off the new "Call of the Dead" Zombies mode map.

If you have not seen it you can catch it here.

So, don't get stampeded in the rush for Black Ops "Escalation" Map but certainly enjoy it.

Let us know your thoughts.

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