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4 Easy Steps To Fix The PS3 Red Light Of Death Problem

If you have bought a PS3, you probably want to play games on it, right? Which means the PS3 red light of death problem is not only a massive annoyance, but a potential extremely expensive annoyance too.

The red light of death problem is usually caused by the system overheating, so the first step of this article is to unplug all of the leads from your console and then leave it for two hours, making sure the fan isn't covered in any way. Now when you turn your console on, it will hopefully start up as normal.

Still got the PS3 red light of death problem? Don't worry, there are still 4 more steps that could fix your PS3 quickly, and best of all, free.

The second step to take to fix the red light problem is to take the hard drive out of the PS3. To unscrew the hard drive you must first un-prise the cover at the side of your console which is covering the hard drive. Then use a standard screwdriver to unscrew the hard drive from its holder, remove it, and then replace it back in its holder. Hopefully, this will have fixed your PS3's red light of death problem.

No? Unplug all of the wires from your console again, but this time, leave the console unplugged in a cool area for 24 hours. Sometimes your console just needs a bit more extra time to recover than the couple of hours you gave it earlier.

Still not working? Don't give up just yet. Go back to the hard drive cover and follow the 2nd step and remove the hard drive. This time though, don't replace it. Start up the console without the hard drive inserted to see if the PS3 red light of death problem you are having is actually a hard drive problem.

Still no luck? Annoying, but there is still a way for you to avoid sending your PS3 to Sony and facing a huge bill.

This PS3 repair guide is one of the best repair guides on the Internet, at around a 5th of the price of sending it to Sony for repair.

About the author: I fix Playstation 3's for cash in my spare time using this PS3 repair guide. Use it, and fix your PS3 today.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/video-games-articles/4-easy-steps-to-fix-the-ps3-red-light-of-death-problem-1772735.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    Left 4 dead cheats not working?
    In Left 4 Dead on the pc, I've enabled the "allow Developers Console" option, then typed "sv_cheats 1" in the console window and pressed Enter. Then I've tried the All Weapons and Ammo cheat by typing "impulse 10" into the console window. But once I'm back in the game, it's apparent the cheat didn't work. What am I forgetting? Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      1. You may need to restart the map for sv_cheats to take effect
      2. Are you on your own server, or a public server? Public ones will usually have cheats disabled server-side

    Is there any cheats at all for Left 4 Dead?
    I've heard from a friend that there is some way to enter cheats on Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360, and if so, PLEASE ANSWER ASAP LOL. My friend said that it's like making combinations of buttons while in the game, but I've tried to look it up and there's nothing that shows up about that. So, if you know somehow to do that, please reply, and thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    left 4 dead cheats? for 360 thanks haha?
    i need some cheats for left 4 dead 1 for xbox 360

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry man no cheats for left 4 dead on the 360. You might be able to find some glitches if your explore a bit. And if you had PC you could open console and mess with some stuff in single player. But none for 360 so sorry.

    How to enable achievements in Left 4 Dead using cheats?
    Hey, I realize that there is a cheat called "retry". It's supposed to restart the game and enable achievements with the cheats still on. When I try it, and suppose try to light a tank, it comes up with the message error Achievements disabled, ignoring achievement progress for L4D_ACHIEVEMENT_BURN_TANK
    Achievements disabled: cheats turned on.
    I thought it was supposed to enable cheats

    • ANSWER:
      it might have just totally messed you up

    How can i use cheats in left 4 dead multiplayer for the pc?
    i see many videos on youtube about people playing multiplayer with cheats on and i don't know how to do that.can anyone tell me?

    • ANSWER:
      when ur a host of a local server, or ur in ur own dedicated server, type in the console "sv_cheats 1" without the quotes.

    What are the cheats from left 4 dead?
    Tell me all the cheats in left 4 Dead!!!

    • ANSWER:
      i always use cheatcc.com in order to find cheat codes

      heres the link, it also has a strategy guide


    How do you disable sv_cheats in Left 4 Dead 2?
    I want to be able to fool around in Single Player, but I also want to be able to turn sv_cheats off and earn acheivements.

    • ANSWER:
      Run over it with your car and it will be fully disabled!

    cheats wont work on left 4 dead pc?
    I cant figure out how to make cheats work on left 4 dead. I activated that thing on the mouse keyboard settings page and i held the ~ button down but no box appears for me to write the cheat in to. Help !!!! And if you dont think i should use cheats on games, so answer my question please, no hate.

    • ANSWER:
      You don't hold the ~ button, you just press it. Then, you enter 'sv_cheats 1' to allow cheat codes to be entered in the console. note that you will not be able to earn achievements in that game session, even if you set sv_cheats back to zero.

    Are there any cheats for Left 4 Dead for the Xbox360?
    I'm in LOVE with this game, and all my close girl friends as well as I were wondering if there were any cheats.

    • ANSWER:

    Is there any left 4 dead cheats for the 360?

    • ANSWER:
      If you mean cheat codes like in The Orange Box, no. But there are plenty of little glitches like "Jesus" areas and power shots that can help out as you play. Look them up on Youtube.

    How and can you use cheats in Left 4 Dead pc single player?

    • ANSWER:
      Im pretty sure you can use cheats.
      The basic step you need to do is enable the developer console. Its a mode where you type stuff in to change the rules of the game. For example "sv_gravity" sets the level of gravity you want in the game. "God" sets on or off god mode.

      Anyways,to first do all this,you have to enable the console. Go to multiplayer>Advanced. You should see a box "enable developer console". Tick that and save.

      Now press the tilde key ,the icon is this on your keyobard " ~ " .It is located to the left of your "1" key. PRessing that will pull down a black screen.

      You can now type cheats in but you should always enable cheats first. Type this is "Sv_cheats 1"

      . Now you are good to go 🙂 have fun cheating!

    Left 4 Dead cheats...?
    So i used the buddha 1 for the first time and it worked GRRREAT, then i went back to use it and now it wont work, anyone know why?

    (people telling me not to use cheats, I'm going to do it anyways and you cant do anything about it so don't bother bitching...)

    • ANSWER:

    left 4 dead 2 cheats codes?
    i wanna know how can i use left 4 dead 2 cheats codes
    i already enabled the developer things but when i wanna put a cheat code
    its says: " cant use cheats codes since multi somthing isnt set to sv_cheats 1"
    help please

    oh and can you play left 4 dead 2 on a another comp cuz im using my laptop

    • ANSWER:
      In the console (main menu) type one of these codes. Each code is a different level.

      Dead Center

      map c1m1_hotel
      map c1m2_streets
      map c1m3_mall
      map c1m4_atrium

      Dark Carnival

      map c2m1_highway
      map c2m2_fairgrounds
      map c2m3_coaster
      map c2m4_barns
      map c2m5_concert

      Swamp Fever

      map c3m1_plankcountry
      map c3m2_swamp
      map c3m3_shantytown
      map c3m4_plantation

      Hard Rain

      map c4m1_milltown_a
      map c4m2_sugarmill_a
      map c4m3_sugarmill_b (Mill Escape level)
      map c4m4_milltown_b (Return To Town level)
      map c4m5_milltown_escape

      The Parish

      map c5m1_waterfront
      map c5m2_park
      map c5m3_cemetery
      map c5m4_quarter
      map c5m5_bridge

      Then in the console (in-game) type in sv_cheats 1

      Now, here are some cheat codes:

      Give [weapon/equipment name] (EXAMPLE: Give Machete]
      z_spawn (spawns a common zombie)
      z_spawn [special infected name] (EXAMPLE: z_spawn boomer, z_spawn witch, etc.
      God 1 (Godmode)
      Upgrade_Add [Explosive_ammo, Laser_sight, Incendiary_ammo]

      Also, you can kick your teammates by typing kick [name] like kick Coach

      If you're pinned while in godmode, and cannot get out, type in: kill [infected name]

    Left 4 dead 2 cheats, Do they exist?
    Is there such thing as left 4 dead 2 cheat codes for xbox 360? Like health, weapons, etc?

    • ANSWER:
      360 doesn't have a developer's console built into it, so no.

      On PC, there's so much freedom in the developer's console, you can recreate the entire feel of the game with just a handful of console commands.

      I don't know of any way to enable console on console, so the straight and simple answer is that it's impossible.

    left 4 dead 2 weapons cheats?
    i need weapons,ammo,or no clip.i dont have for pc,but there got cheats for it.i looking for all cheats for left 4 dead,left 4 dead 2,cheaps

    • ANSWER:

    How do you turn the cheats on in left 4 dead 2?

    I have tried Jason L answer and it does not work. When I start a one player game the consel keeps tell me something like, "you can not turn on cheats becuse you are in miltplayer." And then it says something about have a deadcaded servire. I am sorry for the lack of detail ans I am very sorry about my spelling. I hope you can make out what I am trying to say.

    • ANSWER:

    Left 4 Dead sv_cheats shortcut?
    when i play left for dead...there is a way to cheat...u assign sv_cheats to the command prompt drop down in the game and then u type the cheat in and press enter.is there any way to make a shortcut key on my keyboard to just press and the cheat comes automatically??

    • ANSWER:

    Why can't I use the cheats in Left 4 Dead?
    What's wrong here?
    I've already enabled the keyboard/mouse in the options of the main menu.
    During gameplay, I typed "~"
    and typed the sv_cheats 1
    but it replies 'sv_cheats' changed to 0. Can't use cheats, please exit to main menu and start your own listen server with "map mapname" so that you could enable cheats.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know of cheats for Left 4 Dead PC on multi-player?
    When I type in Sv_cheats 1 its says this "Can't change replicated convar sv_cheats from console of client only server operator can change its value." Is there a way past this?
    I was only asking because I thought I would be able to get achievements easier, lol. but I got it to work and it turns off achievements. Oh well...

    • ANSWER:
      sorry only the server can put cheats in the game if the server activates the cheats by entering sv_cheats 1 then you can enter any cheat codes you want

      4 example while playing as a infected
      you can become any infected you want except 4 the witch
      by entering z_spawn (then the name of the infected)

      or when a survivor by entering
      give(space) (example give(space) pipe_bomb)

      or using no clip

      anyhow dont use cheats in a multiplayer game especially in a versus game because it ruins the gameplay

    How to activate cheat codes on Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360?
    Okay, I have Left 4 Dead 2 for the Xbox 360 elite. I want to know how to activate cheats and where to find them. There are these weird codes that I've found and I want to know if these are the ones I am supposed to enter. Please tell me how to activate them! Its just for having fun and I really appreciate it!

    • ANSWER:
      Uh they're are not cheats for Left 4 Dead 2. There are glitches to get you achievements and other stuff but the only cheats I know are for the PC. Either that or your a hacker...

    Left 4 dead 2 sv_cheats 1 wont work in singleplayer?
    Hello, Ive had left 4 dead 2 for a while but never used any cheats e.g noclip, because I have never know how to. Recently I saw a post saying type in sv_cheats 1 into the command console. I tried this on singleplayer and it says something along the lines of "admin has to set the server to sv_cheats 1"?? I really dont get this as I am on single player and should be the admin. Please if anyone knows how to fix this please tell me thanks in advance.

    P.S its the full version of left 4 dead 2, bought it from amazon uk.

    • ANSWER:
      To use the sv_cheats command in L4D2, you have to start a a map by entering "map mapname". So enter "map c1m1" for the first mission of the first campaign (the Hotel map in the Dead center) or "map c5m5" for the finale of the Parish for example. Enter these commands without the " and then try sv_cheats 1

    any cheats for Left 4 Dead on Xbox?
    I've seen it done on PC but can't find any cheats for Xbox only tutorials and guides. In particular the "god" mode and spawning. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Nope. No cheats for Left 4 Dead on the 360... the Achievement system for the 360 has pretty much eliminated all the cheats on the system - they are few and far between.

    Useful Left 4 Dead 2 cheats Xbox 360?
    Dont worry im not trying to boost acheivements or anything, as i already have all of them except for one on L4D2 but its my favourite game and I was just wondering if theres any cool glitches or cheats anyone knows! GT:Supergina

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, No cheats, Cool glitches or no major easter eggs on the xbox 360 version, and you must be good at this game to only have 1 achievement left.

    is there any cheats for left 4 dead on xbox 360?
    i have looked at 100's of places cant find any

    • ANSWER:
      there are no cheats for l4d 360 without hacking, however, on PC you can use the developer console to cheat and play with the game settings, make objects, etc.

    Left 4 Dead Sv cheats question?
    how do you bond letters and spawn codes? this is an example i found >
    bind "g" "z_spawn tank".... then it says every time you press G it'll spawn a tank. When it says press G does it mean type it in or just press G on the keyboard?
    so its like a hotkey?

    • ANSWER:

    Will anything bad happen if I make a local server with a friend on left 4 dead and use console cheats?
    idk i heard u can get vac banned by doing this but im not sure

    • ANSWER:
      No. People do it all the time. I have a clan mate that does it all the time; he'll use cheats to spawn 4 tanks or 6 smokers or something. You'd only get banned if you were hacking to be able to do it on a dedicated server.

    Left 4 dead 2 - Are there any cheats in left 4 dead 2 the PC game?

    • ANSWER:
      their should be try using google and type in "Left 4 dead 2 cheat codes"

    left 4 dead 2 cheats,hacks,bots,codes,glitches?
    is there any of these? if so tell me.

    • ANSWER:
      Instruction bottom right of video

    How to activate the cheat in left 4 dead 2?
    Hello, me and my friends were playing L4D2 and wanna try cheat the game for a while... We try the cheats in L4D1 and it didn't work.

    • ANSWER:
      If it's not there ITs nowhere.

    left 4 dead 2 cheats?
    can it be used both in versus mode and in campaign

    • ANSWER:
      If you're talking about the developer console and stuff like noclip.

      That's campaign only unless you own the server the versus game is on.

    Cheats for left 4 dead????
    What are cheat codes, glitches,secrets,ect for pc left for dead>?

    • ANSWER:
      here you go.all have all the things that u want.

    Are there cheats for Left 4 Dead 2 for the PC?

    • ANSWER:

    Left 4 Dead cheat on Death Toll Expert?
    Is there a glitch where we play on easy difficulty, everyone else leaves the game, one person fends off the finale, the rescue vehicle comes, switch to expert, everyone joins, then get the achievement?

    • ANSWER:
      No, you have to survive the entire campaign on Expert to get the achievement

      I don't mean never die, but you have to be in the game at all times for it to count

    how do i input cheats in left 4 dead on xbox 360?

    • ANSWER:

    Are there any cheat codes for Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360?
    I'm tired of replaying Portal 2 over and over and I'm looking for an invincibility cheat for Left 4 Dead.

    • ANSWER:
      Nope, their both bad games by a bad developer

    left 4 dead cheat question?
    i just left my game because i was looking for some cheats that i could use to spawn certain enemies. is there one for the witch? i saw it on youtube and i am getting really good at killing these things. does anyone have an answer? thx

    • ANSWER:
      Check out cheatcc.com

    are there any cheats for left 4 dead?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm the glitch queen. I can help anyone survive any campaign on any level using just glitches, and the sad thing is that I'm not even bragging. It's just a fact.

      What, though, are you looking for? Helps if you're more specific.

    can zombies on left 4 dead 2 use cheats?
    like on versus mode..when i am a zombie..can i use cheats??????

    i mean..i cannot use GIVE AMMO cheat becoz zombies don't have guns..


    • ANSWER:
      Yep in Pc Version

    How to use cheats in Left 4 Dead 2 while in multiplayer...?
    I've been trying for a while to figure out how to turn cheats on and have it be a multiplayer server. If I create a server using the main menu, it says in the console ".... blah blah blah ... Start a listen server." I know how to do that, and I have, but it's only single player. I would like to know how to create a multiplayer server with cheats enabled. (Do note that "sv_cheats 1" in the console does not work in normal servers)

    • ANSWER:
      sv_cheats 1 only enables the ability to executes cheats if you want to enter a cheat in to the server it first needs to be activated by the admin then type in what cheat you want to use.

    Is there a way to use cheats online in Left 4 dead 2(pc)?
    I know how to use cheats single player fine, but I'm not sure how to use them in multiplayer. Any help is appreciated!=)
    I mean for the co-operative mode, obviously not vs mode.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think steam allows cheats on multiplayer.

    left 4 dead 2 weapons cheats,ammo?
    i need all the weapons cheats,and need ammo.if you can find a cheats for frag rounds.

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to use cheats when online in Left 4 Dead?

    • ANSWER:

    Are their any cheats for Left 4 Dead 2? (X-Box 360)?
    Please Help.....

    • ANSWER:
      there is a lot for left 4 dead (1)
      a couple for left 4 dead 2

    left 4 dead for 360, glitches/cheats!?
    what are all the glitches you know on left 4 dead? i know the basic ones...the one on no mercy,..the transport thing, the plane on dead air and the one on deathtoll where you skip the horde.

    • ANSWER:

    What cheat in left 4 dead 2 that bot teammates won't follow you?
    Because I want bot players be played as they play by themselves. Not following me.

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a infinity heath cheat for left 4 dead for pc?
    i was wondering if you can have infinity cheat for pc ive been looking every wear. help please.

    • ANSWER:
      +1 to everything that last guy said but you actually have to set the value to 1, so type 'god 1'.

    Is it okay to cheat on left 4 dead on singleplayer?
    its just not okay in multiplayer right?

    • ANSWER:
      I didn't even know left 4 dead had cheats.

    how do you get cheats to work on left 4 dead 2?
    i have tried typing in sv_cheats in the console but it says that i have to make a listen server.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not totally sure what I listen server is, but I know how to start a cheats server. While at the game menu, open up the console and type "sv_cheats 1" and hit enter. Then type "map (map name)" where (map name) is the name of a map such as m1_hotel or something like that. The console will tell you. Then it will start a server with cheats enabled.
      To enable the console, go to "Options" "Keyboard/Mouse" "Advanced" "Enable Developer's Console." Unfortunately, the server that starts up is only single player. I'm still trying to get a multiplayer cheats server.

    What is the code for split screen on Left 4 Dead? 10 Points for the First Correct Answer!?
    I know that the demo for Left 4 Dead has a couple of cheats that let hack parts of the game (I've already used one that let's you play as the boss zombies). I heard that there is one that lets you play in a sort of split-screen co-op. Whoever gives me a correct answer within the next 30 minutes will get 10 points!

    • ANSWER:

    Does Anyone Have Cheats For XBox 360's Left 4 Dead?
    Does Anyone Have Cheats For XBox 360's Left 4 Dead?

    Its Been Out Almost A Year And I Cant Find Any. Im Mainly Looking For Unlimited Health Unlimited Ammo And All Guns And So Forth....

    First Off Fuck You Im 25 And Second You Have Room To Talk Your Online On A Saturday Night Too....

    • ANSWER:
      There aren't any, sorry. There are tons of glitches, but no actual cheat codes. You just have to play until you learn the tricks.


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