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It truly is not unexpected that computer game systems have grow to be more and more popular ever since the initial product was launched years ago. In fact, their attraction is growing these days. A lot of people have actually been known to simply wait in very long lines for many hours just outside of the retail shops with hopes that that the moment those front doors open, they will likely get the opportunity to purchase one of these impressive video and computer game systems when they're first launched to the gaming community. Due to the launch of considerably more fascinating video games, gaming manuals including call of duty black ops cheats have likewise turned out to be really popular with young people and also grown-ups spanning various ages.

Every time a totally new video and computer game system is launched in the gaming industry, it's always happily welcomed by avid gamers throughout the world. A majority of these computer game systems became so favored by many gamers because of so many amazing computer games which they provide along with the systems, which often consist of video and computer games from the categories of sports activities, action and adventure, and a lot more.

Having a computer game system gives computer games enthusiasts an incredible game experience which takes video and computer gaming to absolutely new levels of enjoyment. It's particularly the case in computer games which will require you to complete a number of complex missions. In view of the difficulty involved, it really is perfectly logical that video games lovers seek out web based guides for help. One particular popular guide is call of duty black ops cheats which is widely used by game enthusiasts all over the world.

The computer game systems which are in the stores presently are classified as the new series of gaming systems. They include a range of hard drive capabilities. Certain avid gamers might need much more storage space as compared with other gamers, which is dependent upon the sort of computer games these individuals play, in order to improve their level of gamiing experience. The greater the hard disk which a computer game system has got, the easier it is to download computer games and to be able to engage in these video and computer games along with a few other avid gamers online at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Are game consoles on they're way out? There is new technology now where you can order games right from the TV?
    Recently I read an article where a new company, don't recall the name, has created a new technology that eventually will make the game console obsolete. This company has devised a new technology with the aid of a small set top box where you can order games right from your TV? Have you heard of this? Do you think this will catch on and take hold, and do you think it will destroy the game console as we know it today?

    • ANSWER:
      yeah i was reading about this it's called onlive it looks pretty cool but I'm still a bit skeptical i'd have to wait 6 months after it's released to see if it's as good as it promises.

      and i think it would be cool if you could play a Socom and a mario game on the same system so I'm all for it

    why Fifa Uses new technology on ball and no in game ?
    It's Really Stupid that the old guys would no acept it, one goal changes the course of any game, I feel really sorry for the US Team when they got robed in two different games with two valid goals, and also England with a good goal and last the Mexicans, also the bad calls of referes rejecting guys out of game bad descicions.

    • ANSWER:
      Because adidas paid a lot of money for FIFA, so they can make whatever they want.

    Im doing a project on the new technology in video games?
    I intend to start of talking about what a video game is, history ect.. but I need ideas of what new technology there is and what resource I could use to research it. Any sugguestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I definitely think that the wii is a very good place to win on your project. You can discuss the remote, and the wii knows how and where it's pointing (it's based on the inside and the infared laser in the front). You can also discuss all of the hardware, like the motionplusthey announced, and what it does and how. The balance board and wii speak are also pretty different. Also, a very good new technology is the internet, and playing others online. All of this is a good place to start, and is the popular talk technology-wise.
      You can look at the wii at
      For history, make sure you start out with atari, the beginning to video games. You can progress through those kind of games, tetris, and go to the early nintendo games, make your way into the ps2, gamecube, and xbox, and then go into the 7th generation. Good Luck, and tell me if you need anything!

    Has new technology had a + or - affect on the game of tennis?
    If special strings can make a ball spin differently, isn't that sort of cheating? Wouldn't that be sort of "equipment enhancing" and the equivalent of "performance enhancing". I'm watching the French Open and I've never seen the ball come off Soderlings racket the way it has in this tournament. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      It has had a positive effect on tennis. We would never get to see a tennis player like Nadal, if the technology that allowed more spin developed. Steroids destroy the player's body, and it wouldn't be fair if they were all forced to use them. The new rackets are like steroids that are good for you, and help make the game better.

    Resident evil 5. New technology made for the game.?
    The creators of resident evil 5 said that they made new technology only for this game.
    can anyone tell me what this was and what it does.

    • ANSWER:
      smarter monsters,realistic graphics,larger damage,no place where you can safe,you can control two players in the same time,and others

    Do you think New Technology in Gaming is bad for Social Health?
    Games such as Wii games and MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft - are they ruining social interactions?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think so. First of all Wii games are def meant for multiple players. Bowling, tennis, all of the "party" games and of course what about Rock Band? These games were meant for friends at home bored with nothing to do. Sometimes I know people that go hang out just for the purpose of playing Super Smash or Rock Band. And as for World of Warcraft, WITHOUT friends I would have no fun with that game! Me and my friends set a time to meet on and we play together (after we already went out). If my friends didn't play WoW I wouldn't have a reason to play. You need friends to do multiplayer quests and instances and such. Plus when meeting new people (in person) its a great ice breaker, if they play any of the games you mentioned above.

    Can anybody tell me some new technology (cellphones,computers,...) and game sites?

    • ANSWER:

    What is a game like Civilization where you raise your technology and make new units?

    • ANSWER:
      Rise of nations
      Empire Earth

    how did new technology help even up the game with the deadly german u-boats during wwII?

    • ANSWER:
      sonar is part of the answer....radar was even more important, because WW2 subs.German Brit American whoever..were surface craft that could submerge.....they had to run on the surface to catch targets , recharge batteries, receive radio messages........and with radar available after the beginning 1942 the escorts could spot a U-boat sneaking in on a convoy.

      Almost as important was RDF, radio direction finding....American subs only used their radios when in contact with a convoy and were independent..German subs were closely controlled by shore command, received messages every day and HAD to transmit at least once a day....this allowed RDF stations ashore and on escorts to get a line of bearing to U boats and allowed the Admiralty and Western Approaches Command to route convoys around some subs or send hunter killer escorts or ASW airplanes to the neighbor hood of a surfaced transmitting U-boat.....once forced to dive a U boat was limited to about 5 knots and most convoys could outrun them; once passed, a Boat would have to surface to chase, use its radio to report, be detectable by radar........

    A website for new technology and gadgets?
    I'm looking for a website that showcase new gadgets or technology for computers, gaming, laptops, cellphone. Something that is new or still haven't been released in the market.

    • ANSWER:
      Find the cool electronic gadgets at one resource. Browse one by one to choose which gadgets suited best to you.

    ok, whats ahead of the game? updated technology. you have all the new stuff. what the word?
    whats the word im looking for?
    updated with technology
    your up to date, you have all the gizmos and gadgets

    you know your gizmos and gadgets?

    multi answers, cause ull need it for 10 extra points when i find it, by the morning...

    but i need the answer now!

    no, im going to itt-tech, not launguage arts, so no

    i dont have a dictionary or a thesauuruase

    get over it..

    • ANSWER:
      If you have an Internet connection, you have access to dozens of dictionaries and thesauri. Get over it. In response to your question -- and I'm not sure I understand it -- if you're into technology, you're a gadget freak, gearhead, technophile, gear geek. technogeek, technerd, technologist, gobbledy-geek, early adopter, first adopter, or techno-toy-ologist.

    What new technology will be avaible in the next 5-10 years that is good for society?(cars,medicine,computer,et
    not video games but technology that is useful

    • ANSWER:
      This web site ought to give you a few ideas:,1759,1130591,00.asp

    Major for Design and Technology Multimedia?
    Design Brief:

    You are to design a multimedia project that includes at least two skills you have learned from your previous work. The project parameters are to be determined by you. The project must be of a quality and size expected of two terms worth of work. It must be comprehensively documented in a folder and packaged in a way suitable to that project.


    The purpose of this project is to make a gaming website called Game On! My purpose is to entertain the viewer who is into mainly online games and give information about hardware consoles like new gaming technology e.g. Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Wii.

    Okay, the three main types of software I will be using are Macromedia Dreamweaver for the creation of the gaming website, Adobe Photoshop for logo creation and Paint.

    This major project is worth my Yearly Mark. Has anyone used Dreamweaver to make a really good website? If you have, may you share some ideas with me and give me a few tips? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest buying a template from You can edit these in Dreamweaver. I would then replace pictures in the template, text, etc, with things for your project. This is the best way to go for .

      Hope this answered your question.

      VincentW is the lead developer of:

    New Role Playing Fantasy Game Advice?

    I just bought a new gaming system and I would like to try out a new game similar to the old Baldur's gate. I like the role playing/fantasy type games where you can choose your character and level up, get magical weapons and stuff like that. I would really like something current so I can take advantage of the new technology.

    I don't want to have to play it on-line though. I prefer to play alone or hook up to a friend's computer only.

    Does anyone have a game they could recommend?

    Thanks in advance!
    I'll be playing on Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate edition with dual Nvidia GTX280's SLI'ed.

    • ANSWER:
      If you liked Baldur's Gate, you might like the Neverwinter Nights series. There is also the Icewind Dale series.
      Planescape: Torment is freaking awesome if you've never played it.
      There aren't many games of that style made recently, most are 3d third/first person types of games.

    Does anyone know of soem new technology that isn't in use yet?
    We need to do a report in Computer Class of some type of new technology. It could be technology used for video games, movies, or spaceships. Such as the space craft they people can pay a ticket for. What is that spacecraft called? and is there any other ideas you guys have?

    • ANSWER:
      Since you asked about spaceships Virgin Galactic is currently booking flights on Space Ship 2. I think the first commercial flights are next year.

    Do you think, in terms of technology evolution, that now is a good time to build a new computer?
    I am itching to build a new beefy computer. I would like it to be able to play most new games okay for the next three years. So in three years I can buy a game and play it at medium settings unless the game has extraordinary hardware requirements.

    I'd also like to make it a higher quality computer in general. I want an SSD in it and a RAID 0. Also I currently use two monitors so my new computer must support at least two. Ideally, I would like to add a third monitor in the future.

    What new technology is on the horizon that could make a setup built today obsolete? DDR4 is scheduled to come out in late 2012. What do you think about that? ...I will build with either this year or next years income tax money. I'm afraid if I wait until next year to build my computer will obsolete within a year when DDR4 comes out.

    To give you an idea, I am looking to spend 00 on the box. No need for monitors, keyboard, etc.
    -just fyi because I know someone will ask. I will need to be a new copy of 7 also.
    -Tony, that whole argument aside. I want to build my own.

    But even if that were true your answer misses the point of the question.

    • ANSWER:

    My A-track player broke last week. I need some new technology: should I get a high-priced VCR or an Atari 64?
    I'm really awesome and technologically savvy. I have a black and white television, a brand new Speak-N-Spell, and that new hit game all the kids are talking about: Crack the Whip.

    I'm not really sure I want to shell out the cash for a super-sweet VCR. I mean, I know it's cutting edge and all, but wouldn't my friends want to hang out with me regardless of my NEW technology?

    There's a new show coming out called NIGHT RIDER. I'm pretty excited to see it. I heard it's about some car and some dude who's huge in EUROPE.

    Crap! My thirty pound cellular telephone just broke. Does anyone have any duct-tape?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, get your facts straight. If you really had these things, you'd think you'd know how to type them. It's an 8-track, as in a tape with 8 audio tracks on it (usually 4 stereo tracks), not an A-track. There was never an Atari 64. There was the Atari Jaguar which was the first 64 bit gaming console, a Nintendo 64 which was the successor to the Super Nintendo (or the Super Famicom), and the Commodore 64 which is an 8-bit computer with 64k of RAM. The show you're speaking of is KNIGHT Rider as David Hasselhoff's name in the show was Michael Knight. There was never a cellular phone that weighed 30 pounds. There were IMTS car phones which did.

    Fallout 3 keeps crashing when I start a new game. How do I fix it?
    I am using an external disc drive. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, don't have FFDShow (I don't think).

    I just want to play Fallout 3. I am not very technology saavy with this sort of stuff, so if you can explain step by step that would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:

    seriously i am new to all this technology how do i find and obtain friends for my wii game console?

    • ANSWER:
      You have to add them with a "friend code".

      Here's all the info on that.

    Is the new 3D technology clear for gaming on pc and watching movies ?
    ok well im going to be using this monitor with a nvidia GTX 570 and an i7 2600k OC'ed to 4.2 ghz also i will be playing games like call of duty black ops and watching movies in 3D

    • ANSWER:
      I use almost that exact setup and it works great for me.

    If I wanted a career designing/building new technology, what should be my major?
    I want to help build the next gen computer,cell phone, game console, or the next big mp3 player, or possibly build the next great set of high-def headphones/ earphones. What should I major in college ?

    • ANSWER:
      you mentioned electronics and computers. So I would take Electrical Engineering with a emphasis on electronics or computer engineering. My class mate Alton graduated with a BSEE in 1978, and helped developer the first generation cell phone. Electrical Engineers tend to get their feet wet with new technology first. Me, I was working on the smart grid since 1995. Now it is in the newspapers.

    Do you think there ever will be another Killer Instinct game?
    I missed playing this game. There are new technology so it shouldnt be too hard. I think XBOX or Playstation should buy the rights to this game. Because I dont think it would look right on Wii..if they do make another one.

    • ANSWER:
      prob not but it would be sick if they did.

    How to build a career in toy and game design.?
    I am a university graduate with a degree in Computer Games Technology. I know all about careers in the broad video-games and new media industries. However, I have always had a real interest in traditional games and toys.

    How would I go about entering the toy or game design, creation, invention industry? I know I need to develop skills in a variety of areas. Particularly basic design theory. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide?

    Is there a good postgraduate course to study, or a website to guide aspiring professional toy and game creators?


    • ANSWER:
      Since you have a university degree in Games Technology, I think you should focus more on getting experience than with formal education. While getting some further background in mechanical engineering would probably be of benefit, the most influential thing addition to your existing education. I would try to get a position with Mattel, Hasbro, Leap Frog or whatever company you think does the type of toys you would like to develop. Then, on the side augment your education with some classes or a Masters degree. You should be a good position to get a job on toys that involve computer technology. Once you are there, you can explore ways to move in to traditional games and toys.

    How do people that make video game reviews on YouTube get the new video games and video game consoles?
    Do they get to keep the consoles and video games when done reviewing them. Same thing for people that review other technology based products such as laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, etc.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the minimum age to work at places which sell new technologies and games etc?
    I'm 14 at the moment, but I'm a little dubious about this, because of the MA rating. It would look odd if someone was selling something they're not allowed to buy themselves, in my opinion. I'm in NSW by the way. A nice place to work would be EB, as I'm quite into games myself =]

    • ANSWER:
      You have to be 16.

    Who made the FIRST rumble feature for a controller and for what console?
    NO WIKIPEDIA RESULTS please if possible. I was having a small debate with a friend who believe Nintendo was the pioneer of all new game technology singe the N64 and I want to prove him wrong. I googled and more and found nothing except wikipedia results help.

    • ANSWER:
      N64 was the first controller, but there was a rumble pack for the gameboy color, as well. Not sure which was first between those 2, but there were PC joysticks with rumble before either of those, for sure.

    Does anyone really think that all this new technology is important?
    I think that people are taking everything for granted now. They use their phones to textmessage their friends all the time. My friends cant leave their homes without their cellphones, they dont even need them for anything important. Its good if you're in danger, so you can call 911 or someone else to help you. But i dont get all these phones with cameras, games and mp3, it think its really stupid and unnecessary, i think its the same with computers, mp3s etc. Why do you need the latest computer cause it better looking. People should waste their money on something more useful.

    • ANSWER:
      My exact thoughts, but then again, throughout my life I haven't lived in any place where I've really got that much money to burn...

      When I bought my cell phone, the only reason I got text messaging (and this is a pretty crazy one) is becuase my GIRLFRIENDS MOM would send me dozens of text messages a day, and while my dad was still paying for the contract (I was 13 when I got my first cell, and we didn't have a text plan becuase I never texted anyone) she kept killing my bill....

      My phone did 3 things...

      It rang, with a midi ringtone, it sent text messages, and it allowed me to talk to people.

      That's it.

      Nothing special, just pure and basic functionality.

      And after 2 months of paying for it myself, I cut it off, becuase I just didn't use it enough.

      as far as computers go, I only but new ones once the one I have is severly outdated, no longer able to run, and/or no longer fits my needs in a computer.... This computer I have now I bought becuase I wanted a laptop, my old computer was very slow, Whereas this one is incredible, easily twice the power of my desktop, in about an 1/8th-1/6th the size of the tower, was on sale during CompUSA's store liquidation, and is basically perfect for me.. I'd been researching it for awhile, and the liquidation was the PERFECT time to get it, becuase the day before we did, my dad received his tax return..

      This computer does everything I need and want it to.. It runs quickly and smoothly, thanks to the good processor, Vista Premium (Much better than basic, which my dad has)... Turns out vista's actually pretty cool once you turn off User account control, not too much different in basic use than XP.... And a Slew of wonderful applications from HP that make it VERY easy to do the things I want, like accessing my media, downloading things, quickly setting up my internet as I go the few places I actually travel, and quickly change my computers settings as far as preformance when I need to, to go from full power when I need it, to Super-Long battery life...

      My MP3 player I did some research into also, and refusing to become a slave to iPod and iTunes, bought a Sansa Connect, when they were new and far before Sansa got the reputation they did now. It is amazing. Gets on Launchcast radio, flickr, and now through a firmware update plays videos! The sound is incredible, the battery lasts for awhile, and it's easy and quick to use. I love it. It's tough as hell too. I let my dad borrow it, while it was still in it's much younger days... After a long day of bashing and greasy abuse, he came home, and lost it... I found it a month or two later, after it finally unwedged from the couch... Where it had been sat on, and twisted, and abused every day, while it was stuck on the end reclining section where everyone always sits... The headphone jack had made a clean break off, and with 3 minutes and a folded piece of paper, I fixed it back to full functionality.

      I don't plan on buying a new computer or MP3 player until they either both give out on me, or they come out with some SERIOUSLY impressive upgrade that my tightwad self thinks is worth it, which I doubt will happen for another 3-4 years...

      Hell, I still play my ORIGINAL Playstation! and not the tiny one either, the bulky ones that were first made in 94'!

    How can I find credible information on how obesity links to new technology (i.e. video games)?
    .com websites are not reliable, however .org and .gov are.

    • ANSWER:
      Trust nothing.

      There is no credible information out there.

    I need help writing a poem about bluetooth technology?
    The teacher said i needed 10 facts and I got 16 to choose 10 from.


    1.eliminates many of the wires
    2.have ranges over 100 ft
    3.Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless radio technology that allows electronic devices to connect to one another
    4.Bluetooth technology is cheap
    5.The devices take care of the entire setup process automatically uses less battery
    7.Bluetooth is a universal, world-wide, wireless standard.
    8.Nintendo chose to innovate in new gaming technologies that allow the console to detect and respond to the motion of the game controller.
    9.PS3 uses wireless controllers
    10.Bluetooth wireless mice and keyboards
    11.Bluetooth technology was first developed in Scandinavia
    12.Bluetooth wireless technology simplifies and combines multiple forms of wireless communication into a single, secure, low-power, low-cost, globally available radio frequency.
    13.The word "Bluetooth" is taken from the 10th century Danish King Harald Bluetooth
    14.When Bluetooth was officially introduced in 1998, its intended basic purpose was to be a wire replacement technology in order to rapidly transfer voice and data.
    15.The goal of Bluetooth is to establish a worldwide, universal "language" for devices
    16.wireless headphones
    Thanks for all the help guys. This is wha
    Thanks for all the help guys. This is what I have:
    It’s rather cheap,
    So you’ll have enough money to buy your favorite jeep.

    Its wireless, so get up and dance,
    And worldwide so you can even use it in France!

    Wireless games, wireless mice,
    Sometimes I think the industries are being too nice.

    It has automatic setup,
    So you have more time to play with your pup.

    It connects devices to one another,
    So you can talk to your brother.

    100 feet is how far the connection will last,
    And its main purpose was to transfer voice and data fast.

    Battery use is no hassle,
    And it was named after Danish king Harold who owned a castle

    • ANSWER:
      Alright, poetry is generally a fixed beat or metre per line. It's best to start off picking a rhyming scheme if you want to go that direction. It's okay for poems to not rhyme. Don't know what your teacher is going for. e.e. cummings poems used whacky devices to get a point across. What are you looking for? You don't want someone to do your homework for you? Well, okay, but you'll learn more if you do it yourself. You haven't given us enough info to write your poem for you.

    Is the reason FIFA won't use technology as it would help eliminate game rigging?
    In Rugby and Cricket the TV camera is used to help prevent mistakes. But in world cup football FIFA ruled out the use of this. With so much money in top end sports it's not surprising that game cheating/rigging goes on and every so often we hear of new scandals. Wouldn't it make sense if we really wanted to get rid of game rigging that the use of technology would help.

    • ANSWER:
      No. It is not the reason they won't allow it and repeating the question over and over like a bleating goat isn't going to make it happen.

      It is to prevent the constant stoppages that would be required and the way that it would change the flow of the match.

    What degree should I go for to work on the design and function of new ideas?
    - By adding input on the object's mechanics and the features it would have.
    -- (ex: cars, computers, video games, consoles, planes, weapons, new technology)
    --- What would be a good college for this near St. Louis, MO.

    • ANSWER:
      Either Industrial Engineering or Architecture. You'd have to take Visual Design courses for your "ideas".

    When should I buy a new gaming computer?
    I want to buy a computer before Farcry 2 comes out and I am trying to get enough money right now. So when should I buy a new computer? Sooner or later? What new technologies come out that I should wait for? Any new GPUs?

    • ANSWER:
      when u made up ur mind,got the rite timing,rite hardware u want and enough money.. plz jz stick to only choice.. like if u want to buy 9800gx2 jz buy it,dont wait until the price fall coz it mean a new powerfull card is on the way and maybe u will change ur mind and will wait for the price drop again and again and again forever,, but better later lets say a month from now,, after u doin a best servay,pick n wait for the right price coz its might fall in next month

    Who thinks there should be a new type of Pokemon game?
    What I mean by this is like, allow us to create our own avatar, sort of like the sims. I mean, we have the technology and we can throw tradition out of the window. the games have evolved since pokemon Yellow. But it would be cool if we could create our own avatar and actually have a choice whether we want to join the baddies or not. I'd buy every version of that type of game.

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, there's already a new Pokémon game coming out in Japan on September 13th. It will be Pokémon Platinum version and will replace Diamond & Pearl like Emerald replaced Ruby and Sapphire. The game will have a new Battle Frontier and at least 7 new Pokémon. It will also be more technological as you can do many things with Wi-Fi. Also, because Sinnoh will be colder, the main characters will be wearing warm clothing. That might be avatar related, but it won't get any more complicated. If you want to learn more about the game, you can go to:
      Still, it be cool to have a game like the game you described. I think we should do something to make the designers of a game, make a new style of playing Pokémon.

    Where do Gamers and Geeks hang out in New York City?
    Really not into the touristy thing, where do gamers and geeks hang out? I can travel as far as the subways go.

    Neutral Ground is closed...

    looking for anything related to MTG, lan parties, film, gaming, MMOs and new technology/media/designers.

    Any game studios in NYC that have tours? any Film/VFX places?
    Still clueless. =/

    • ANSWER:
      modern warfare 2 lobbies waiting for the game to start

    New and better sports thru technology?
    in a recent teck mag artical it talked about "real iron man" as far as seeing it on the battel field it is not pratical, but as far as sports go i was thinking that thay spend so much on players thay could make an all "iron" game with super skills.

    so the question is what game would be better with supper players, or what new game might evolve from such advantiges
    maby some sort of NASCAR in meck suites

    • ANSWER:
      well with the robo tech they have now: all robot table tenis? qwidich from rocket packs, and of course battle bot foot ball

    Alright, i want a new game system but i'm having a problem deciding which one to get.?
    There's pros and cons about all of them of course.

    So ill start with my options

    Xbox 360
    Playstation 2

    Ill start now with the pros and cons of the Wii
    love the game system
    Virtual reality is amazing and very fun technology
    many games are available

    guitar hero wont come out for the wii until september
    ddr wont come out till august
    Theres not all that many games that have been put out for the wii yet


    not very expensive(129)
    ddr and guitar hero are both out for it
    lots of games have been made into ps2 games
    Relativley compact system

    no virtual reality(which i adoreeee)

    ddr and guitar hero are out for it
    TONS of games work with it

    no virtual reality
    pretty big console

    keep in mind that once i get one system i wont get another one for at least 7 yrs

    which one should i get?!?!?!


    • ANSWER:
      get the wii

      it is amazing. i have one. i'm sure you will like it. more and more games are becoming available. there are already many out. you can also play gamecube games on it, all you need is a gamecube controller. and you say you really want the virtual reality. it really is cool.

    How is it that the xbox 360 released 4 years ago can handle new games like forza motorsport 3 and cod 4 mw 2?
    These new release have top notch graphics, and for someone with a 4 yr old 360 how is it possible for them to play these games with such old technology is it that those old 360 have the same graphics proccessing power as the new ons today, and does that not mean that ATI/Nvidia have had powerful technology for quite some years are only releasing there newer GPU's now?

    • ANSWER:
      yea the system is built to handle games like this. but maybe the games are a little too much for the 360 to handle cuz it red rings or e74. but still it is made to handle stuff like that

    Poll: With all of the new technology around, how do you feel about the simple things dying off?
    Things like Hand games, making mud pies, jump rope, side walk chalk...It's all being replaced by technology like ipods, cell phones, video games, etc..

    • ANSWER:
      i think newer technology is cool, but ultimately i think technology will have its consequences sooner or later. there is a theory on that actually..

    i know the new Zelda game if for 3DS but is it also for regular DSi?
    i really wanna get it but i hate how technology advances so fast so unless my DSi breaks i won't get the 3DS (meaning i dont have a 3DS to play the new game)

    • ANSWER:
      the new zelda game is only for 3DS

    With the core i7's new multi-threading technology, how useful is this to the average computer user?
    To anybody that uses a computer just a home for browsing the internet, work etc, how useful is this new multi-threading technology? Will it be optimized in these scenarios?

    Also for gamers, will multi-threading show a considerable boost in gaming performance?

    Thanks, Demo

    • ANSWER:
      I presume you're talking about hyper-threading. The short answer is that we really don't know yet. We'll find out over the life of the CPUs. Right now, for those kinds of applications it doesn't make much difference. I think over the next few years, more and more games will be able to take advantage of four or more cores and hyper-threading.

    Will an 80 gig PS3 have glitches with new games?
    My main concern is that an old 80 GB version (the old one that can play some PS2 games) will have problems with playing new games, like L.A. Noir, Portal 2, etc. And is 80 gigs enough space to have a decent game library with? Frankly my family fails at technology, so I realy want to avoid having any problems. Plus my little sis may use it and she's 7, and throws the worst tantrums in the world.

    • ANSWER:

    why many of new games do not support ATI crossfire technology?
    for example: assassin's creed , world in conflict and...

    • ANSWER:
      this is mainly because this technology is relatively new, and gaming studios are still learning to use it and create stuff for it, as nowadays they better do something right at the first try or they get eaten by critics and for instance sells don't go that's why they avoid rushing in when new tech arrives, and sometimes it happens that it could be too expensive for them to take longer periods for developments.

    Game Boy Technology ?
    I was looking through my things and found my old Game Boy Advance and and game it was actually kind of fun.

    I know the DS is kind of like th Game Boy but I think it would be really cool if they brought it back.

    like"The all new redesigned Game Boy"

    so they can look at it like the First Ipod and an Ipod Touch.

    Do you think they should create new cool portable game consoles???

    • ANSWER:
      The gamecube was peotable, small, light, compact, but wasnt that great. so yes

    How do I convince my parents to let me buy a new computer?
    Our current computer is horrible. It is 8 years old and, it could barely play any games even when we first got it. For this reason, I am looking to buy a new computer. Sadly, my parents don't understand why we need a new one, since "My email works fine on this one!" The one I'm looking at is 00, is on a huuuge sale at, and has some of the highest power and newest gaming technology. I'm 16, and will be getting a summer job this summer. I've told them that I will pay for the whole thing, and they can have our current computer all to themselves, but they still won't budge. What do I do?
    Erm Volcefire, I said I WOULD pay for the whole thing.
    And I already have Straight A's.
    And do a bunch of after-school stuff.
    What do I doooo?!

    • ANSWER:
      Get all A's and ask for a Dell.

      00.00 is WAY overboard. You can get a sweet complete system for less than 00.00

    Who thinks we do not need all the new technology?
    In the old days people got along fine without all this new technology! high definition TV and picture phones! Phones were made for making calls not taking pictures or playing games. Kids went to play outside instead of playing video games.

    • ANSWER:
      Of course, in the older days, people didn't have phones, and wrote letters.

      In the even older days, they couldn't write, so they talked to people.

      In the even older old day, they lived in caves.

      In the really really old day, they lived in primeval swamps and probably didn't even talk.

      Shall I stop now?

    Is Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 a good game? Is it worth buying?
    i am planning to purchase it so i just want your thoughts. the game has some new technologies and new storyline mode, i heard. how is the game?

    • ANSWER:
      I dont think the series has been good since SVR 07
      i've got both 08 & 09 and i think you should just wait a few months for SVR 2010 to come out, 2009 has NO General manager mode, it's career mode is terrible, theres no cut scenes or anything. Just match after match.
      There is however a Road to Wrestlemania mode which was a great idea.
      Only problem is... you can only to it for Cena, Triple H, Undertaker, CM punk, Jericho, Batista & Rey Mysterio and none of them are particularly long.
      Most of the superstars look the same from 2008 with a few minor changes to some, an theres no legends in it either although you can however PAY to get evan bourne, supercrazy, ted dibase and another costume for jericho.
      But seriously if you've gone this long without the game i suggest just saving your money and waiting a few months and get the new game unless you can get 2009 for really cheap or renting it somewhere.

    I want a career that involves technology. So what should i major in at a university?
    we all know technology is involving, and i want to be in the field were the new zune comes out or the new gaming system comes out. I am interested in how a video game works, how a zune or any other mp3 player works, how a gaming console operates, how Artificial Intelligence operates and so on. I have been thinking about computer science, but don't know much about it. what exactly is it and what career could be taken out of it? And software engineering is? what other majors and or careers could i pursue? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on each university and how they structure the curriculum. When I went to university - you're talking about a degree in computer science. We learned basic hardware, programming, and they had a course in Artificial Intelligence. Universities can offer optional courses as well as required - which gives you a chance to explore other areas. So I would check your local university and see what courses make up their degrees.

    How have new forms of technology changed social relationships? Way we learn communicate?
    Internet. Cellphones. Learning Online. Children learning from video games. Etc. List Pros and cons its for a paper and I need a thesis Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      PRO: We have access to vast amounts of information which was previously in books, now online, We have pictures and movies, online. Our children learn from television, computers, and new devices such as wii that allow them to learn more independently and quickly. We are becoming acutely aware of the world at large, and the surroundings of the people with whom we share our experiences

      CON: People are being sucked into a digital world that allows them to ignore their immediate surroundings. We react with fingers flicking on a keyboard, not action in the concrete world.

    New technology: good or bad idea?
    All the new Ipods and games are getting kids to addicted to them and stops them from doing certain socialble things, not all but some.

    • ANSWER:
      expensive & bad for the parent,,,

    L.A. Noire MotionScan technology set the score for future games by different companies?
    Do you think the MotionScan technology in LA noire will set the score for future games made by different companies. Do you think more companies in the games industry will use this new technology for higher budget games or do you think this will remain original and innovative to rockstar and team bondi?

    • ANSWER:
      I would love to see other games use this technology it really adds to the experience


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