New Games Cheats

Brace For New Observation Codes

If you have been on the look out for a code to reflect the evaluation and management service your urologist carries out during a subsequent visit with a patient in observation care, there's good news for you: CPT brings welcome relief in the form of 99224-99226. These codes are among a handful of new codes that could solve tough claims you may be facing now.

Gear up for new observation codes

One of the biggest changes for next year is that CPT adds to your E/M coding options with the introduction of three new observation codes, which are: 99224, 99225, 99226.

Prior to 2011, coding for the 'middle days' of an observation service was a problem. Even though it's not the norm, there are situations where a patient is admitted to observation and remains in that status for three or more days.

When to use: If you had a patient admitted to observation on July 1 and discharged from observation on July 3, the problem for coders was how to bill for July 2. In the coming year, you will use 99224-99226 for July 2.

Disadvantage: You will not be elated when you hear the accepted payments for these codes. The RVU committee had compared new codes 99224-99226 for subsequent observation care to subsequent hospital care and had requested the same work value. However, the Center for Medicare disagreed with the proposal. In its place, to recognize the differences in patient acuity between the two settings, they removed the pre- and post services times from the values, reducing the values to 75 percent of the value for subsequent hospital care codes.

Sort through radiation implant changes

Among the list of brand new codes are radiation implant codes that you may use occasionally in your urology practice. They are 49327, 49412, and 49418.

Do not miss in-office radiological procedure changes

If your urology office performs in-office CT scans of the abdomen and pelvis at the same encounter will now be able to bill these two services with a single radiology code as opposed to having to code two radiology codes as you have before January 1, 2011.

The following codes should come in handy from January 1: 74176, 74177, 74178.

So if you want to be the first one to glean what else is potentially new when it comes to your urology coding, medical coding, sign up for an audio conference!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you enter new games, master codes and new cheats on an action replay max (ps2)?
    how do you enter games, master codes and cheats. also where can i find them. please no comments like the last one that told me to go to a runescape website?! just some info plz

    • ANSWER:
      You can either go to the action replay website, download some codes onto a USB drive (that you have to buy from them, no other flash drive will work), and put them onto your memory card through your PS2.
      Or, you can type them in using the controller, each code is about 40+ characters to type and you have to do 3 or 4 different codes per game, per cheat.

    Why is it that many new games are having less and less cheats?
    I'm not asking this because I like to cheat on many games. I'm just wondering why so many games are having less cheats in a lot of things. Do many game creators actually want us to play the game properly the way they created it? I'm just wondering.

    • ANSWER:
      games that had versions out for previous consoles still do, such as GTA and Guitar Hero since they can be the reason some people buy them, yet these days games have "Gamerscore" and "Trophies" due to qhich console, and if a cheat is put on then its basically handing over the good stuff. and they probably won't want their game spoilt by a cheat if they spent so long on it. i would like to see more myself, yet i can understand why they dont

    New Carnival Funfair Games cheats for the ds or any other help am stuck?
    i got this game and am stuck wot to do next plz help

    • ANSWER:
      I have found some information I really hope that these will help you. Good luck. : )

    how do you get new cheats on a gameshark without the network?
    i have a gameshark2 game codes, it doesnt have any of my games, all but the oldies, how do i get cheats for the new games on there, but without the network. if i have to, where do i go to get a network cd?

    • ANSWER: maby?

    Why are there little or no cheats for new gen console games?
    for example GTA4 has barely any cheats and everytime i rent and game and look for cheat on the net there are never any..

    • ANSWER:

    how do you get new codes and games on GameShark ?
    My friend gave me this gameshark, and I need to know how u get new games and cheats on it? So, how do u do it?

    • ANSWER:
      There are two ways to do this. If you have it for anything under PS2, there is only one way. You can you use a jump drive and download them from the website, or you can right down the codes and enter them manualy.

    is there a program where i can make new cheats for ps3 games like gta4?

    • ANSWER:

    how to put new game cheats on game shark for ps2?
    i dont know how and i keep tryin. i want to learn how to upload new game cheats to my game shark for ps2.

    • ANSWER:
      it's da steps:

      1. get da codes from to get da master code as well as if not, da code won't work.

      2.get all da codes u would like to use e.g: infinite HP, ammo, etc

      3. open ur disc tray n insert gameshark cd

      4. go to list of games

      5. insert game name

      6. insert code name

      7. insert code

      8. repeat steps 6 & 7 again to insert another code

      9. after finished, press START to save da codes.

      11. go back to da game list n highlight da game.make sure dat all da codes inside are highlighted too.

      12. use option start game wit cheats.

      13. when da tray opens, change da gameshark cd to da game cd which u like to play.

      14.then close tray n press da button on da screen menu (can't remember which button but u can press SELECT for help screen)

      hope dis helps ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What are the "VERY BEST" sites for locating both old and new game cheats, codes, and walkthroughs?
    I am especially looking for udates and cheat codes for "LANDS OF LORE GAURDIANS OF DESTINY" ; lands II I think is the version. Yet I am also a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic versions 5-9. The one I would most like to play of these is V and I can't because I have a laptop and no graphics accellerator! AAAAGGGHHHH! Thanks for any help and God Bless ya!
    SORRY! I should have specified for a "PC"

    I don't use the gaming systems only my computer!

    • ANSWER:

      Will answer all your gaming needs. Walk through, cheats you name it. All free.

    uhh any new meez codes or any games that give u the most coinz????? maybe even cheats.. any1 have any???

    • ANSWER:
      meez in my sleeves

    GTA 4 can i complete the game using cheats and then start a new game and get the achievements. Save dif file?
    Im doing the story on gta 4 and im using cheats once i completed can i start a new game and save on dif file and still keep my old game

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah you can. You can have one save file fo ror achievements and one for cheating, but I don't cheat anymore on mine, it's no fun and i've played it that much it's too easy for cheats.
      Cheats do help when you've only got 8 max damn RPG ammo at 00 each, and its simple to just dial a number on your phone to make the police go away, but it takes all the fun out of the game when you cheat all the time.
      But cheating only blocks one save file from being able to get achievemnts, not all of them, so cheat away! ๐Ÿ˜€

    What are new game cheats for pokemon diamond and pearl?
    the pokemon pearl and diamond game for nintendo ds

    • ANSWER:
      I've used this sight for a few years now and I haven't had one cheat not work. Go to In the bar at the top it has a section for the DS. Go from there.

    know any fun new games for the nds or some cool action replay cheats please answer?
    if you get best answer and you have pokemon D/P I will give you some thing nice my friend code is 2620-9687-9872 and my name is ace

    • ANSWER:
      bunch of cheats and fun games here:

    Iron Man new game cheats ps2?
    The new Iron Game on ps2, anyone have any cheats for it?

    • ANSWER:
      there are none yet but in a week or later check or for further cheats.

    Are there any games like Fallout New Vegas but where you can use cheats?
    I was playing Fallout with my friend and I thought this game is cool but it would be better if you could use cheats. It isn't that I can't beat it without them, I just like playing around and not following the story better. Cheats like infinite ammo and stuff like that

    • ANSWER:
      It's this great game called "Fallout New Vegas."

      Dude, just hit ~ and you can type in cheat codes, like TGM (God mode, infini ammo), TCL (Move through walls) etc.

    Can you use old game cheats with new gamesharks?
    I know they don't sell gameshark version 4 anymore but I have lego star wars 2 so can I use old lego star wars 2 cheat codes on version 5?

    • ANSWER:
      don't think so, different codes. tried it but fail on other game

      Happy Gaming, fellow gamer.

    Will the new badcompany game have cheats?
    I was wondering if battlefield badcompany 2 will have cheats in it.

    • ANSWER:
      Since you asked I'm not putting them into the game.

    How do i put new cheats for a ds game in a action replay?
    do i coy and paste it n the new code lsit thing or wat?

    • ANSWER:
      well you go on your action replay you click on the game you want to put a cheat on then you click add code (something like that) then you add the name of your code after that you add your code (you need your action replay in your action replay when you do that) hope I helped

    Does anyone know how long does it take for the makers of the video game to add new cheats?. Thanks?
    Ok,like i been waiting for a while but their is still no cheats for the game motorstorm pacific rift in the ps3,so does anyone know how long does it take for makers to make cheats,and how long will it take for the makers of pacific rift will make at least one single cheat?.

    • ANSWER:
      they usually dont make extra cheats, so they may not make any

    what xbox 360 games have good cheats that work?
    I want a new xbox 360 game that has cheats like invincibility or anything that will make the game easy since I suck at video games. I heard that Red Dead Redemption has cheats but you cant save, is there any way around that like turning the cheats off just to save?

    • ANSWER:
      GTA4 you can spawn cars and weapons and also take your wanted rating down. some of these cheats prevent you from getting cartain achievments but you know whatever,

      Go to and look up grand theft auto.

    do new games still make any cheat codes?
    ive noticed that there isnt as many games now making cheat codes for games. have they stopped doing it?

    • ANSWER:
      If the game doesn't have a place to enter a word cheat code, its going to be buttons, triggers, and arrow directions.

    GTA 4 help me cheats and new game?
    ok if i used cheats while beating the game, does starting a new game still affect the acheivements without using any cheats?

    • ANSWER:
      im not sure.
      go to cheatplanet(search it up) and their you'll find cheats.
      for every cheat there is a description describing the cheat. if it says it will effect gameplay then its not a good idea.

      if you enter a cheat code while playing, save your game and see if theirs a pop-up that says your cheat might effect gameplay. do not use the cheat.

    How do you add a new game to a gameshark?
    I got a gameshark and it didn't have my favorite games cheats in it so how do you add a new game?

    • ANSWER:
      do you mean you need more cheats or do you need another game added to gameshark? if its a cheat you can search online for codes of the game if u need more code for the game, if you need more games added to the gameshark, im pretty sure you should try updating online, (last option on the gameshark)

    i need cheats for games and i need them quick plus id like to hear about new and interesting games?
    i need cheats for star wars lego sims busting out sims 2 sims 2 pets all on ps2 plus if you know some great games for ps2 nintendo ds game cube id love to hear them and why u like them and if u know any cheats to other games

    • ANSWER:
      Star wars lego -

      Bonus characters - battle droid = 987UYR
      battle droid commander = EN11K5
      battle droid geonosis = LK42U6
      battle droid security = KF999A
      boba fett = LA811Y
      clone = F8B4L6
      clone episode3 = ER33JN
      clone episode3 pilot = BHU72T
      clone episode3 swamp = N3T6P8
      clone episode3 walker = RS6E25
      count dooku = 14PGMN
      darth maul = H35TUX
      darth sidious = A32CAM
      disguised clone = VR832U
      droideka = DH382U
      general grievous = SF321Y
      geonosian =19D7NB
      gonk droid = U63B2A
      grievous bodyguard = ZTY392
      jango fett = PL47NH
      ki-adi mundi = DP55MV
      kit fisto = CBR954
      luminara = A725X4
      mace windu = MS952L
      padme = 92UJ7D
      pk droid = R840JU
      princess leia = BEQ82H
      rebel trooper = L54YUK
      royal guard = PP43JX
      shaak ti = EUW862
      super battle droid = XZNR21
      Extras - invincibility = 4PR28U
      big blasters = IG72X4
      classic blasters = L449HD
      silly blasters = NR37W1
      brushes = SHRUB1
      tea cups = PUCEAT
      minikit detector = LD116B
      moustache = RP924W
      purple = YD77GC
      silhouettes = MS999Q

      cheat gnome = L1,R1,UP,X, R2
      all locations = O,L2,LEFT,O,UP,O
      all objects = L2,O,DOWN,LEFT,UP
      all recipes = R2,SQUARE,UP,DOWN,RIGHT,X
      all fashions = SQUARE,R2,DOWN,RIGHT,SQUARE.

      I hope these help i dont know any cheats for the other games. have fun!

    What is a good website that I can find good cheat codes for updated games?
    I want to find some really good cheats for new games but I don't know any.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know cheats for the new scarface game for ps2 ???
    New ScarFace game for the ps2 I need game cheats thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      MEDIK ... Health refilled
      FPATCH ... 1000 balls accrued
      AMMO ... Ammunition current is restored
      GOBALLS ... Gang heat increased
      NOBALLS ... Gang heat decreased
      DONUT ... Police heat increased
      FLYSTRT ... Police heat decreased
      MARTHA ... Time of day changed
      RAINY ... Meteorological effect, rain
      SHAZAAM ... Meteorological effect, lighnting
      TBURGLR ... Vehicle current health restored
      BLACK ... Costume effect, black
      BLUE ... Costume effect, blue
      WHITE ... Costume effect, white
      GREY ... Costume effect, gray
      TANSHRT ... Shirt effect, tan
      TIGSHRT ... Shirt effect, tiger stripes
      BLUESH ... As blue effect with shades
      WHITESH ... As white effect with shades
      GREYSH ... As gray effect with shades
      TANSH ... As tan effect with shades
      TIGERSH ... As tiger stripe effect with shades
      TUNEME ... Scarface theme on constant loop
      DOZER ... Spawn bulldozer
      OLDFAST ... Spawn antique car
      DUMPER ... Spawn dump truck
      BUMMER ... Unknown effect (riot?)
      666999 ... Unknown effect

    I just bought two new games for my DS....Was wondering if there were any cheats!?
    The first one I bought was Pokemon Platinum, and the next one I bought was Deal or No deal....Any cheats that anyone can provide would be okay with me. Thanks so much

    • ANSWER:
      pokemon platinum

      I couldn't find any for deal or no deal

    Are there any cheats for the new spectrobes game?

    • ANSWER:
      u can try here

    Does anyone know any game cheats for the new game "Bully" from the makers of grand theft auto.?

    • ANSWER:
      All I can find is how to unlock certain Rewards..

      Art Class Rewards
      Art 1 - Exchange a gift for a kiss.
      Art 2 - Kissing girls gets you a 50% health bonus.
      Art 3 - Kissing girls gets you a 75% health bonus.
      Art 4 - Kiss a girl and get a 100% health bonus.
      Art 5 - You can give kisses without giving gifts.

      Chemistry Class Rewards
      Chemistry 1 - Chemistry set in your room. Inventory restocked with weapons.
      Chemistry 2 - Get Stink Bombs
      Chemistry 3 - Itching Powder is available from your Chemistry Set.
      Chemistry 4 - Double the ammo.
      Chemistry 5 - Chemistry set is available any time of day.

      English Class Rewards
      English 1 - Apology Bonus
      English 2 - Improved Shove Taunt
      English 3 - Apologize to prefects for small crimes and they will leave you alone.
      English 4 - Better taunts
      English 5 - Apologize to the police for small crimes and they will leave you alone.

      Costume Unlockables
      Black Ninja Outfit - Completely fill your yearbook.
      Black Skate Shoes - Travel 50km on foot.
      BMX Champion - Complete a bike race.
      Wrestling Uniform - Beat Gym 1.
      Boxing Outfit - Beat 'Boxing Challenge' or 'Prep Challenge' in Chapter 2.
      Crash Helmet - Get first place in the Kart Race at the Carnival.
      Dunce Hat - Turn on all the showers in the boy's locker room.
      Edna Mask - Destroy all 19 tombstones on Halloween.
      Fast Food - Complete the Burger Joint errand in Bullworth Vale.
      Firefighter's Helmet - Pull the Fire Alarm 20 times.
      Gnome Costume - Smash all the garden gnomes.
      Gold Suit - Buy all of the clothing in the game.
      Grotto Master - Collect all G&G cards.
      Skeleton Costume- Beat the 'Halloween' mission, which is unlocked by beating 'The Candidate.'
      Orderly Uniform- Complete 'Finding Johnny Vincent' in Chapter 5.
      Pirate Hat - Beat up the pirate on the island near Beach House.
      Prison Uniform - Beat each of the detention mini-games at least once.
      Pumpkin Head - Destroy all 27 pumpkins during "Halloween Event".
      Green Ninja Outfit - Hit things with projectiles 1000 times.
      Red Ninja Outfit - Complete the Big Prank task during Halloween.
      School Mascot - Beat 'Nice Outfit' in Chapter 4.
      Tiny Swimsuit - At the Beach House location, find the Preppie with a blue mission on the beach and beat his swimming time

      Dorm Room Trophies
      Earnest For President Poster - Finish "The Candidate"
      Russell's Ragged Shirt - Finish "Russell in the Hole"
      Beatrice's Picture - Finish "The Diary"
      Trophy On Windowsill - Finish "Beach Rumble"
      Piece of Venus Flytrap - Finish "Weed Killer"
      Boxing Gloves - Finish "Dishonorable Fight"
      Teddy Bear - Finish "Carnival Date"
      Pinky's Picture - Finish "Carnival Date"
      Panties - Finish "Panty Raid"
      "Busted" Picture - Finish "Jealous Johnny"
      Johnny's Leather Jacket - Finish "Fighting Johnny Vincent"
      Lola's Picture - Finish "Lola's Race"
      Planet Mobile - Finish "Nerd Boss Battle"
      Ted's Captain Jersey - Finish "Jock Boss"
      Mandy's Picture - Finish "Discretion Assured"
      Rat in Bottle - Finish "Rats in the Library"
      Orderly's Uniform - Finish "Fighting Johnny Vincent"
      Fire Singed Banner - Finish "Gym Is Burning"
      Blue Skies Industrial Poster - Finish "Showdown at the Plant"
      Zoe's Picture - Finish "Smash It Up"
      Reaper on Bookshelf - Finish "Funhouse Fun"
      Bullwarth Crest and Crossed Cricket Bats - Finish "Final Showdown"
      Artist's set - Finish Art 5
      Dodgeball - Finish Dodgeball Gym Class
      Go-Kart Steering Wheel - Finish the five go-kart races
      Ms. Phillip's Photo - Finish Photography 5
      BMX Frame - Finish Shop 5
      Wrestling Headgear - Finish Gym 5
      Pumpkin - Destroy all Pumpkins
      Tombstone - Destroy all Tombstones
      Gnome - Finish Destroy all Gnomes
      Paperboy Ribbon - Finish level four of Paper Route
      Large Trophy - Finish all BMX races
      Car Poster - Buy from Prize Tent
      Rock Poster - Buy from Prize Tent

      Gym Class Rewards
      Gym 1- New Move
      Gym 2- Slingshot Accuracy
      Gym 3- New Move
      Gym 4- Slingshot Accuracy
      Gym 5- Slingshot Accuracy

      Decoration Unlockables
      Picture of Beatrice - Complete "That Bitch" in Chapter I
      Russel's shirt - Complete Chapter I
      Teddy Bear - Complete "Carnival Date" in Chapter II
      Picture of Pinky - Complete "Carnival Date" in Chapter II
      Venus Flytrip Head - Complete "Weed Killer" in Chapter II
      Picture of Lola kissing Gordo - Complete "Jealous Johnny" in Chapter III
      Greaser Jacket - Complete Chapter III
      Picture of Lola - Complete "The Tenements" in Chapter III
      Grim Reaper - Complete "Funhouse Fun" in Chapter IV
      Picture of Mandy - Complete "Discretion Assured" in Chapter IV
      Football Jersey - Complete Chapter IV
      Burned school banner - Complete "The Gym Is Burning" in Chapter V
      Picture of Zoe - Complete "Smash It Up" in Chapter V
      Rat in a Jar - Complete "Rats In The Library" in Chapter V
      Various Chem Plant Signs - Complete both parts of the mission "Busting In" in Chapter V

      Shop Class Rewards
      Shop1 - Yellow BMX bike
      Shop2 - Green retro BMX bike
      Shop3 - Blue bike
      Shop4 - Orange bike
      Shop5 - Flame Bike

      Photography Class Rewards
      Photography 1- Save pictures to photo album
      Photography 2- Put students pictures in yearbook
      Photography 3- Hold up to 15 pictures to photo album
      Photography 4- Get a digital camera(color pictures)
      Photography 5- Win double the tickets at the carnival

    How do you upgrade your codebreaker DS to work for new games?
    I got it b-4 Christmas, and a lot of new games have came out since then. But it dont have them on my codebreaker so I cant....well....cheat! I also heard that you can somehow upgrade it for new games. Does anyone know how to do that?

    • ANSWER:
      You find an access point (Router, Nintendo Wifi stick, anything that will help you connect to the internet) and connect via your codebreaker. It logs into he main site and updates.

    i need some glitches or cheats or free video games for my new zune80?

    • ANSWER:
      All you have to do is go on They have plenty of free stuff there.

      Took someone 2 hours to answer that?

    where do i get cheats for the new nitrome game "small fry?"?
    game cheats

    • ANSWER:
      actually i've played all 25 levels (although i haven't always passed with all of the characters given) so if your having trouble passing one i could help you out ...Good Luck!

    When are they going to release a new poker game for PS3 or Xbox 360?
    Hey everybody, I need some help and I would be really glad if you can help me. I am waiting for a poker texas hold'em new game, (texas cheat'em No) do you know that type of games being developed right now? THANKS!!!

    • ANSWER:
      check the arcade

    were is the best site online for ds games old and new and any information on animal crossing plus cheats?

    • ANSWER: โ€บ ... โ€บ Games โ€บ Arcade & Platform buy it for cheats

    where can i find cheats for the new harry potter game?
    looking for cheats for the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix game for PS2. Also, where are the 5 talking gargoyles

    • ANSWER:

      (Im Not Being Sarcastic)

    Can Anyone Give Me Any Cheats, Or Glitches To The Game Called New Super Mario Bros?
    I have killed the whole game (beat the whole game) and now i am bored and i want some cheats, can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:

    New Super Mario Bros Wii cheats?
    I have the game New Super Mario Bros Wii and I want to know some good websites for cheats. The game is pretty new and I can't find any cheats for it on the website I normally use.
    Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

      Use OR get Gecko OS and grab some cheat codes ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hope I helped

    How do I add new games to my action replay?
    I think i deleted pokemon diamond on my ar and i don't know how to get it back. i can get the cheats on but i can't get the games on it. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I donยดt think so.*

    Are there any cheats for the following video games?
    The video games I need cheats for are:
    The sims 3 (e for everyone, sadly)
    Pokemon platinum
    Animal crossing, wild world
    New super Mario bros.
    Petz hamsterz 2
    Nintendogs, chihuahua
    Star wars the complete saga
    Zoo tycoon 2

    All ds games.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there are ar cheats for all of them

    Where can I get the cheats for Tiger Woods new game?

    ok i was making a pun..dont think anyone got that.

    • ANSWER:
      Ask Tiger himself. I believe he knows a bit about cheating...

    Can I manually enter games onto my american action replay for nintendo ds?
    I noticed that you can add cheats you find online to any game that is already programmed on the action replay, but I was wondering if there was an actual way to create new game folders on it (E.g. a game that has been released after the action replay was purchased). I know you can update the games list on the action replay by using their included disk and usb, but it takes along time and is a hassle. I was wondering if you can input new game folders and their cheats onto an american action replay for nintendo ds?

    • ANSWER:
      I have an action replay too, and yes, you can imput new games. Just look on the code junkies site and see if it's on there. If it is, just go to "add new game", input the name, then you have the game! All you have to do is enter the codes! I had to do it for my Link game.

    does the pokemon ultimate cheats code support the new game pokemon black?

    • ANSWER:
      Since Pokemon Black and White are still so new, there aren't that many working cheat codes for the games yet. I've been looking around on Google and YouTube, I found a x999 Rare Candies code on YouTube, but there is a small glitch to it...there is also codejunkies, their codes almost always work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    no cheat work for pokemon fire red or emerald on my gameshark preloaded and new what do i do?
    if u use new cheats do i have to click add new game on the gameshark code list??

    • ANSWER:
      stop cheating

    Are there any Cheats for teh New 360 game Wheelman?
    I cant find any cheats for it.. anyone know any?

    • ANSWER:
      i dont know but you can check this cheat site www,
      it is my fav cheat site

    i put cheats on red dead redemption so i deleted game data my cheats are still there and i started a new game?
    i dont think that helped either i think theres some way to save again but i dont know how

    • ANSWER:
      The cheats will always stay unlocked on your profile, but it isn't till you turn them on that you disable achievements. And if you have one of the patches for the game, you can still save even with cheats on.

      Also, you didn't have to delete your saved data, you could have just backed up to before you turned on the cheats.

    cheat codes for new games only?
    do cheat codes work for previous game saves (played without codes) or would you have to start the game from the beginning for the codes to work?

    • ANSWER:

    Are there any tips, tricks and cheats for the new Dawn of War 2 game? And if so, what are they?
    I got the game, but I always get beaten up when I play as any race against my friends. I'm pretty sick and tired of this, so I just want some good tips, tricks and cheats for Dawn of War 2. It can either be the first or the Beta version.

    • ANSWER:
      actually no cheats at this time for this game. we may find them in near future . Here are some hints.

      NOTE: As their name suggests hints are not exactly Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 cheats, and are usually just simple (but very useful) tips on how you can unlock secret level, features, find hidden areas and such. Hopefully these will make playing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 even more entertaining.

      Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore:

      01. There Is Only War - Terminate 500 Enemy Targets. (25G)
      02. Death from Above - Kill 20 enemies using Assault Jump. (10G)
      03. Sweeping Advance - Kill an emey who is retreating. (10G)
      04. Emperor's Champion - Kill a boss using only your Force Commander. (10G)
      05. Lightning Assassin - Kill a boss in less than one minute. (10G)
      06. Welcome to Calderis - Complete "Stand With Your Brothers" and "Retake the Hamlet." (15G)
      07. Rant All You Will - Complete "The True Enemy." (30G)
      08. The Cleansing Begins - Complete "The Defense of Argus Gate." (30G)
      09. Astronomical! - Recover the data from the Astronomic Array. (30G)
      10. Even In Death I Still Serve - Complete "Into the Hive." (30G)
      11. Heroes of Angel Gate - Complete "Secrest of Angel Forge." (30G)
      12. Fight to Survive - Complete Campaign on Recruit difficulty. (40G)
      13. Hold back the Xenos - Complete Campaign on Sergeant difficulty. (40G)
      14. Win the War - Complete Campaign on Captain difficulty. (40G)
      15. Allies to the Cause - Complete a mission in co-op mode. (10G)
      16. Allies to the Chapter - Complete 15 mission in co-op. (25G)
      17. Battle Brothers - Complete the Campaign in Co-op. (50G)
      18. Dug In - Successfully defend 5 Strategic Assets. (10G)
      19. Massacre - Complete 10 missions in a row without failing. (10G)
      20. Not one inch. - Defend a province without losing a single generator. (10G)
      21. That's Close Enough - Complete a mission with only ranged weapons. (10G)
      22. Rush 'em - Complete a mission under five minutes. (10G)
      23. Purge the Xenos - Earn a 5 star Fury rating. (10G)
      24. Feel No Pain - Earn a 5 star Resilience rating. (10G)
      25. Fleet of Foot - Earn a 5 star Speed rating (10G)
      26. The Book of Honor - Get 15 stars on one mission. (10G)
      27. Fast Attack - Gain a second deployment in a single day. (15G)
      28. Tireless warrior - Gain a third deployment in a single day. (15G)
      29. Hero of the Imperium - Attain a Campaign Score of over 30,000 points. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. (25G)
      30. Legend - Attain a Campaign Score of over 90,000 points. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. (25G)
      31. In the name of the Emperor - Own all Strategic Assets in a Campaign. Earnable only in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. (20G)
      32. Elite - Max out a Combat Discipline on a squad. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. (10G)
      33. Heavy Support - Reach Level 20 with one of your Squads. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. (10G)
      34. Elite Strike Force - Create a 3 Player Party and Play a Ranked Multiplayer Game together. (10G)
      35. Gladiator - Play 10 Ranked Multiplayer Games. (25G)
      36. Wisdom of the Ancients - View a recorded game. (10G)
      37. Veteran Victor - 100 ranked wins. (30G)
      38. Aspect Warrior - 20 online ranked games completed with Eldar. (20G)
      39. Angel of Death - 20 online ranked games played with Space Marines. (20G)
      40. A proper Waaagh! - 20 online ranked games completed with Orks. (20G)
      41. Great Devourer - 20 online ranked games completed with Tyranid. (20G)
      42. Hail the Champion - Earn Champion rating 20 times during online ranked play. (25G)
      43. Master of the Apothecarion - Revive your teammates 50 times during online ranked play. (30G)
      44. Winning rush - Earn a 5 game Win streak during online ranked play. (20G)
      45. Flawless victory - Achieve an online ranked victory with 500 victory points remaining. (20G)
      46. Red Ones Go Fastah! - Create a Customized look for any race in the Army Painter. (5G)
      47. Crush the Enemy - Complete Campaign on Primarch difficulty. (40G)
      48. The Warboss - Complete "Raid Against the Warboss." (30G)
      49. The Avatar of Khaine - Complete "The Wailing Doom." (30G)

    Does buying used games hurt the video game industry?
    Don't you think that retailers who trade games (like Gamestop) are unfairly profiting from games instead of developers when they resell used games?

    Would you sell or buy used games if you knew that it lowered the quality of future games by cheating the developers out of profits from new game sales ?
    Im just saying that if you didnt sell your used games then the next person would be forced to by it new, therefore helping the industry instead of gamestop making a huge profit.

    • ANSWER:
      We buy used games. Never really thought of this before. Maybe that's why they're so expensive.

    Does buying used games hurt the videogame industry?
    Don't you think that retailers who trade games (like Gamestop) are unfairly profiting from games instead of developers when they resell used games?

    Would you sell or buy used games if you knew that it lowered the quality of future games by cheating the developers out of profits from new game sales ?

    • ANSWER:
      Publishers definitely make that argument all the time. But I really don't think that it has all that much of an effect. The used game market lets specialty games retailers survive on tiny profit margins for new games. If it weren't for that, they'd have to charge extra for all new games just to pay the bills.

      Also, it would be difficult to buy games cheaply after they've been out a while, which would limit the games that the average person would buy. This would then also hurt the chances of that customer paying full price for a sequel.

      Overall, I think it's a wash, and the only change it really has on the industry is that it increases the problems we always have had with sequelitis.

    Grand theft auto san andreas: How do cheats mess up the game?
    This one time i had started a game and cheated a lot and when I got to the Mike Toreno and Ra Fa Ling Mission in San Fierro it wouldn't let me into the markers or entrances, and after that happened I started a new game and did not cheat. So are there any other levels that do that when i cheat?

    • ANSWER:
      If you save with any of the cheats on it can really mess up your game. If your going to play with cheats, dont save because odds are it will mess it up. Same thing happened to me soooo many times.