Video Game Strategy Guide

The Many Benefits Of Having Video Games Strategy Guides

If you've ever spent hours and hours trying to understand all the complexities of a brand new game you just bought, then the right strategy guide can be your best friend. They have evolved far beyond simple instruction booklet shows you how to "walk through" the game and finish it. In addition, they have crossed the line to include printed books and e-book manual that can be updated in real-time game developers will change occur.

This includes all types of PC games strategy guide as well. It is also an advantage to find the correct version for you to greatly improve your gaming experience.

Some things to look for in an appropriate and effective guidance is detailed and colorful printed maps of each level of play, which also reveal the overall distribution of special objects, including hidden or difficult to locate objects. If there are special items should also be a good checklist to keep track of your collection. Game Information that does not focus specifically on the manual included in the regular case. Instructions for solving intricate puzzles in each level as you progress through the game tricks, codes, tips and tricks that have been created by the developer specifically for the game that are not revealed to the general public as general information .

One of the biggest advantages to having a manual strategy is to avoid total frustration of having to spend countless hours in finding things you can or cannot know even existed in the actual game. Depending on the game, it can be something of the level designs and maps, search for specific items, and unlock secret achievements or improvements in the modes of game play. By not having one, you have denied the full experience of your game by not being aware of the treasures hidden secrets that the developer provided to publishers of guides.

For an official, unofficial guide, online or e-book does not make a huge difference, as the information you receive is of high quality and up to date. Printed versions provide quick access to information, but often vendors will rush to print a booklet prior to game developer has completed the addition or tweaking the game the other hand, the guides online is good update as changes occur, but may require that you connect to your computer, open a file or connect to a site before you can access it.

When you decide to purchase the video games right, a strategy guide you need to do some simple research estimates a professional gaming sites and forums, our regular players. There are many valuable information about the performance of other lovers of the game, covering more than half of the video and PC games, strategy guides. Using the knowledge and experience, you can determine the best version of the game, and half-buy strategy guides, as well as to increase and improve your playing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Rock Band (video game) Strategy Guide for the X-Box 360 very useful?
    How useful is the Rock Band (video game) STRATEGY GUIDE for the X-Box 360. I'm getting it for Christmas.

    • ANSWER:
      the strategy guide will probably only help you on your technique with the drums, lead guitar, bass, and singing.

    Does anyone know a website where you can download video game strategy guides for free?
    i'm looking for old video game guides that are out of print and see if theyre somewhere online. I'm looking for either .pdfs or scans of prima or bradygames guide books.

    • ANSWER: can download them here at and watch it in 1080p HD quality for free
      good luck

    Are Video Game Strategy Guides Recyclable?
    I'm cleaning out various parts of the house and came across a bunch of strategy guides for video games. They're quite old (by gaming standards) as they're all for PS2. But I want to recycle them, rather than throw them away.

    The paper is 'glossy' like magazine pages, but the pages are thicker than magazine pages, more like regular paper. Would a typical recycling program accept a recycle bin full of these?

    I live in Southeast Michigan, not sure exactly what the details are for my state/local recycle plan.


    • ANSWER:
      A lot of times, recycling places do not take glossy paper products. Your best bet in getting an answer is calling your local recycling center and asking them about it.

      Or you can check the guides for the recycling symbol.

    Do any of you guys buy your video game strategy guides online?
    I'm thinking about buying a strategy guide from For those of you who buy your strategy guides from this website, how are the strategy guides shipped? Do they come shipped in a cardboard box or plastic bag wrapped with protective bubbles? And what is the condition of the books when you received them? Are they bent and folded, such as the corners, or do they come in nice and perfect?

    • ANSWER:
      I usually just go to the local borders and buy it.

    can u check out a video game strategy guide at a library?

    • ANSWER:
      Why not check it online?

    Is it worth it to buy the strategy guide for a video game?
    I'm thinking about buyin the strategy guidebook for Final Fantasy 13
    but I know that I can find guides online for the video game eventually
    I'm not looking for it to be a collection either. 25 bucks for it though...

    • ANSWER:

    Is it cheating to use a strategy guide for a video game, or is it perfectly acceptable?
    Some people say it zaps the fun out of a game to use a strategy guide or ask for help online, but what if you could still have fun despite getting outside help?

    • ANSWER:
      I say it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. The whole point of playing a video game is to have fun and get away for a bit. I doubt that you sit there and play the entire game step by step, copying the strategy guide. Even if you do - why should it matter to anyone else? It's your game. Experience it in the way that pleases you best.

    Video game strategy guides worth it?
    Hey I just got Fable 2 and Little Big Planet. I'm playing through the games fine but I KNOW I'm missing a lot of things for purpose of achievements or items. Is getting a strategy guide worth it? Does anyone own the strategy guide for any of these games? As of now the only one I own is for LOZ: Twilight Princess because it is extremely rigorous. Thanks for the input!

    • ANSWER:
      ONLINE you can find that information, usually fairly quickly after a game comes out...some smarty does a walkthrough or a Q and A to help you and there are forums as well.

      Those guides, IMO, are a ripoff.

    Do video game strategy guides come with wrappers around the booklet when it is brand new?

    • ANSWER:
      most of the time

    What should I do with my video game strategy guides?

    • ANSWER:

    where can i find a strategy guide for the video game capcom fighting evolution?
    i bought the playstation 2 video game Capcom Fighting Evolution used so it didn't come with an instruction booklet so therefore i don't know how to do any of the moves to the game so if someone could please help me in telling me how to do some of the moves i would greatly appreciate it

    • ANSWER:
      Check gamefaqs they have all of them

    Who is a better strategy guide maker- Prima, Brady Games, Sybex (PC games) Or other?
    The question is pretty obvious, whats the best video game strategy guide maker? I know there are online websites like gamefaqs/spot 1up ign and others, but i mean printed book form. I have had pleasant and unpleasant purchases with all 3, and id like to know which one i should trust the most when it comes to games, especially when more than one company covers the same game.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd say Prima. It's walked with me since the beginning of time.

    what websites can i look at video game strategy guides in their entirety for free?

    • ANSWER: is a website where people who play the games make guides based on their experiences. The guides are really good.

    What would be best for a gamer to buy old Video Game Strategy Guides?
    Well i'm a big gamer and i tend to buy the Strategy guides just incase i need them...But when i get late in the up to date games i can't seem to find the rule books with the game i wish to purchase. So i tend to go to the website where they sell the games and they don't always have them. So then i go to the website that makes thee official rule book for that game. I did this yesterday July 8th 2009 for some old games like Assassin's Creed , F.E.A.R , Killzone, And Heavenly Sword. I tried to go to to purchase the official game guides for the games but they said ''Sorry but were are currently unavalible'' So i went to to buy the Rule books...I don't know if this was a safe decission or not...But i havn't had any problems yet so far...Plus this is my second time using, If you have any sugestions in the future for me to use please tell me. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I download video games guide online for free?
    Download video games strategy guides.

    • ANSWER:
      in my experience, is the best...but it's all text.

    Video game strategy guides?
    does any body know where i can download official strategy guides for free in pdf
    im looking for these kingdom hearts 358/2 days gears of war 2 and kingdom hearts chain of memories
    it dosent matter if there torrents i know this site but it does not have the ones i want

    • ANSWER:

    When playing a video game, do you ever buy & use a strategy guide for it?
    Or do you play without a strategy guide?

    • ANSWER:
      Nope, if I do get stuck I will just use the internet. Strategy guides are a waste of money.

    Old video game guides?
    I REALLY need the origional video game strategy guide for strrt fighter alpha 2 it has to be that game any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      go to

    video game strategy guides?
    when does the new pokemon diamond gide come out or is it already out?

    • ANSWER:
      You can also check, as they either have it or they'll have a release date for it.

    Do you think its cheating to use a strategy guide on a video game?
    im talking like a hard one like final fantasy games, not like spongebob and the bunny smileys (no thats not a real game lol) i say that no it isnt cheating, my brother says yes it is what do you think??

    • ANSWER:
      No, I don't since the games can get rather unfair

    If video games don't require a strategy guide they are not worth full price. What do you think?
    Only games that require strategy guides should be full price for example GTA, Metroid, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Halo and so on should cost over 50 dollars all other games should be priced at less. Of course there are exemptions like games that come with peripherals. What do you guys think?

    • ANSWER:
      not that they require one, but they arent worth full price [almost always] unless theres enough content in the game to write a strategy guide

    Will Prima/Future Press publish a GOTY Fallout 3 guide covering the main game and DLC in one book?
    I'm a fan of video game strategy guides and am interested in buying the official Fallout 3 guide; I know that a guide for the main game, along with two other guides for the first two batches of downloadable content have been released, but I'm loathed to buy three guides for one game (I will be downloading the DLC once it's available - I have the PS3 version). Does anyone know if they plan to release a guide with everything in it, possibly to coincide with the Game of the Year release?

    • ANSWER:
      I can't say for sure, but they will most likely. The same thing happened with Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and the Game of the Year edition of the game; they released a Game of the Year edition book containing all official downloads for the game (I say official because it doesn't include the many mods available on the PC version of the game(s)).

    Which stores sell the best condition strategy guides for video games?
    Most of the stores that sell strategy guides for video games are laid out in the open for customers to preview which means that there is a higher chance that the condition of these books are not as perfect as if it were enclosed in plastic. Are there any stores these days that keep their strategy guides away from customers to prevent them from touching it and causing unwanted fingerprints and folds?

    • ANSWER:
      The ones at Eb Games and Gamestop are good condition because they have alot of them so some are wrapped in plastic and some aren't.

    Where can I find strategy guides online for video games?
    Im looking for strategy guide for some games(dune, oblivion,bioshock,cod4). Anyone have any good sites for this?

    • ANSWER:
      here are the ones i use:

    Where can i sell or trade in my strategy guides for video games?
    I really need at least one good place.

    • ANSWER:

    Do any of you use the player's strategy guide when you are playing your favorite video games?
    to get answers to difficult riddles and puzzles in the game that you can't seem to figure out or do you spend endless hours trying to figure out the answer to something that you wil never know or do you just get the book and cheat & start over from the beginning of the game and when you get to the parts where you were stuck at you use the book again to cheat?

    • ANSWER:
      yea heckm yea

      espicailly sometimes when i want to cheat
      but yea i do

    Looking for a job as a Strategy Guide writer for video games?
    Before you laugh and assume this is a 14 year old being overly optimistic, read what I have to say. I've been playing games as a hobby for the past 15 years or so. I've been writing strategy guides for 3 years now, mostly for free to post on open-content sites (GameFAQs, wikias, etc). Over the past six months, I've been working with a couple of different people, writing guides for their iPhone apps and webistes, and getting paid. Even got a few free games out of it.

    I've now written an amount of text almost equal to the length of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I'm pretty sure the files I've compiled can make a convincing portfolio.

    I've already contacted Prima about this, and am waiting on a reply-I was wondering if anyone here had any non-flaming advice to offer on the subject? Other places that I can apply to, what other information I should include, how to improve a portfolio, etc.

    Any information is appreciated. Thanks, guys 😉

    • ANSWER:
      Read this article for content writers on how to get more work and recognition

      hope this helps

    Looking for a job as a strategy guide writer for video games?
    Before you laugh and assume this is a 14 year old being overly optimistic, read what I have to say. I've been playing games as a hobby for the past 15 years or so. I've been writing strategy guides for 3 years now, mostly for free to post on open-content sites (GameFAQs, wikias, etc). Over the past six months, I've been working with a couple of different people, writing guides for their iPhone apps and webistes, and getting paid. Even got a few free games out of it.

    I've now written an amount of text almost equal to the length of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I'm pretty sure the files I've compiled can make a convincing portfolio.

    I've already contacted Prima about this, and am waiting on a reply-I was wondering if anyone here had any non-flaming advice to offer on the subject? Other places that I can apply to, what other information I should include, how to improve a portfolio, etc.

    Any information is appreciated. Thanks, guys 😉
    I have now, thank you-just sent them an email.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you taken a look at Brady Games?

    How do you get cigarette smoke's scent out of a book?
    I loaned my friend a video game strategy guide a long time ago, and he lost it. He recently found it. His entire household smokes, and the book smells of cigarettes. How can I get the smell out? It's a strategy guide, so it's like magazine pages.

    • ANSWER:
      Place a baking rack in a box and sprinkle baking soda around it. Place the book on the baking rack so it is elevated and no baking soda is touching it. Close up the box and allow it to sit for several days. Check on it regularly and refresh the baking soda once a week until the odor is gone.
      Put crushed charcoal into an old sock and put it in a plastic bag along with the book and tie up the bag. The charcoal will help to eliminate the odor. Leave the bag sealed for three days. Check the book to see if it still smells and repeat if necessary until the odor is gone.
      Place three fabric softener sheets in an airtight bag along with the book and allow it to sit for 48 hours. The book should smell fresh and clean when you pull it out.
      Put a couple handfuls of cedar chips into a resealable plastic bag with the book. Set the bag in a cool dry area and check on it in 24 hours. If the odor persists, seal it back up for another 24 hours.
      Hang the book from a clothesline with clothespins on both corners on a warm sunny day. Leave the book there for three to four hours and let the sun do the work for you

    If you read a book in a store, and do not purchase the book, is that considered stealing?
    Like you read a video game strategy guide and make a mental note of something in it or write down a password for the game, but then you don't buy the book. Or you read a book in a bookstore but never buy the book.

    • ANSWER:
      NO If they allow you to read a book then all is good.
      I used to go to the book store and read a book and then
      buy anther one that I did not have time to look at.
      book stores most of them anyhow like you to read there books.
      that is why book stores have Coffee shops in them so you buy coffie
      and read books....

    Do magazines and guides qualify for shipping Media Mail?
    i have a bunch of magazines i am planning on selling on ebay. theyre pretty heavy tho so can i ship them media mail as if its a book? also have video game strategy guides same question. also can i ship video games in cases in media mail (as if they are dvds) i once received one through media mail.

    • ANSWER:
      I ship magazines, manuals and tapes via media mail.

      If you want more information you can go to:

      and search for media mail for full details

    How Do You Write a Video Game Guide Book?
    I have a few guide books about video games, and they give all kinds of hints, tips, strategies, ect. How would one even go about publishing a book like that? As someone who loves to write and play games it's a question that comes to my mind often. Not because I want to write one, but just because I have no idea how you would publish one. Writing one would be easy but you'd think big companies like, say, Nintendo for example, would not allow one to be published, or they would do it themselves. Please answer if you are somewhat knowlegable about this topic, but if you're giving me a guess for an answer, don't bother.

    • ANSWER:
      You get a degree in english lit. This accrews a lot of debt.

      Then you start applying at companies like Bradygames and Prima, knowing that they're not going to pay you remotely what the thing is worth. Expect to play the game, not in a fun way, but in a "I'm going to do every jump in the game 800 different ways to see if there's a secret there." sort of way...

      It's not all about how good you are at games, it's about sitting in front of a tv for ten hours a day, every day, playing the same game for a month or two straight, whether or not you even have any interest. You may find yourself writing the guidebook to Duke Nukem Forever... or Barbie's Horse Adventure. It's the company's call, not yours.

    Do you ever buy strategy guides for video games?

    • ANSWER:
      I did when I was a kid, but nowadays you can find almost anything you need answered on mostly any game via the internet. From online written guides to video guides on Youtube, almost any new game will have a guide for it.

    How do I go about creating online strategy guides for profit?
    Hi everyone, I have been recently been considering creating my own online strategy guides for video games and selling them but was wondering what steps I need to take to go about doing this. I was also thinking of creating CD-Rom strategy guides but once again I'm not sure if I can unless I speak to the proper people because I do understand that everything is copyrighted and I don't want to try selling any of the guides unless I know it's ok. If anybody could help me out i would greatly appreciate it.
    The guides would come fairly cheap however...i was considering a price range of around 3.99 to 5.99 depending on how new the game is. Plus mine would cover as much a there is to cover in the game with pictures and possibly videos.

    • ANSWER:
      Most games have a strategy guide of some kind. I would think you would have a problem copying their work to resell online.

      Your best bet would be to create a game and a strategy guide.

      Those are my two cents.

    Is it legal (with proof, please) to record video game reviews/strategy videos to host on a library website?
    I'm a gaming event coordinator at a county library, and we have a program entitled Game Night that we offer for various teens in the community. It's a completely free program where we invite folks to come in and play video games.

    Recently, it's grown in popularity so much that we actually have our own part of the library's website, and we're looking for content other than the written guides, tips, tricks, and reviews we're using already. I know what you're thinking... "A library that doesn't want to encourage reading on their site?!" Not at all. We just want to offer a variety of content.

    So we found out about this screen-recording device called a "Dazzle", which we can use to record ourselves playing games while reviewing them or showing people how to beat difficult bosses, unlock achievements, and things like that. But before we can get this "Dazzle", we have to prove to the library director that screen recording these things and putting them up for our patrons' benefit on the website is actually legal. I've heard a lot of people say it falls under the guidelines of "Fair Use", but no one's posted any proof, which doesn't help our case... I tried contacting Nintendo's legal department, but they won't answer me.

    Could anyone here provide some proof that it's not illegal or copyright infringement to capture both audio and video from games that our library owns in order to provide reviews of these games and strategies to help beat them? I know they're posted on Youtube all the time, and I wish I could use that as an argument, but we need something more concrete!

    Thanks in advance for your help, everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      That is definitely "fair use".

      Fair use allows newspapers and publications to review a product and report on it, which is what you are doing. Even more so, since you are doing it for non-profit library events.

      The best source of copyright information is the US Copyright office. This FAQ specifically covers fair use:

    are there any good sites with strategy guides for video games?
    With screenshots and walkthroughs

    • ANSWER:
      I just know one site that has detailed walkthroughs for Kingdom Hearts II if that would help. It is at the following link:

      Sorry I don't know any other sites for other games, but I hope this helped though! ^-^

    Can you ask Game Stop for help on how to beat a mission in a video game?
    I saw my friend had trouble in God of War and he went to call someone for help. I asked him who he was talking to, he said Game Stop. I am not sure it was a dream or what, but I am still thinking does Game Stop really serve as strategy guides?

    • ANSWER:

    Which video game would be good for me based on these games that I like?
    I have Wii, PS2 and Gamecube.

    I love the Metroid games and have played them all. What game would be good to play that is similar to Metroid. I like having to use a strategy guide book to find things and to find my way around.

    • ANSWER:
      ***********PS2 GAMES COLLECTION (Keepers)***********

      ***Beyond Good & Evil (Adventure - Teen), my rating 8.5 (main character is Jade a female/heroine)
      ***Castlevania (Lament of Innocence)(Action - Mature), my rating 8.5
      ***Castlevania (Curse of Darkness)(Action - Mature), my rating 8
      ***Devil May Cry (Action - Mature), my rating 9
      ***God of War (1&2)(Action - Mature), my rating 9
      ***Jak & Daxter (1-3)(Action - Everyone), my rating 9.5
      ***LEGO Star Wars (1&2)(Action - Everyone), my rating 8
      ***Onimusha (1&2)(Action - Mature), my rating 7.5 (because you have to use the D-pad to move the characters)
      ***Onimusha (3&4)(Action - Mature), my rating 8.5 (because you can now use the left analog stick to move the characters)
      ***Ratchet & Clank (1-3)(Action - Teen), my rating 9.5 (my personal favorite)
      ***Resident Evil 4 (Adventure - Mature), my rating 9.5 (my personal 2nd favorite)
      ***Shadow of the Colossus (Action - Teen), my rating 8
      ***Sly Cooper (1-3) (Adventure - Everyone), my rating 8.5
      ***Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Adventure - Teen), my rating 8
      ***Star Wars Bounty Hunter (Action - Teen), my rating 9 (My favorite Star Wars)
      ***The Bards Tale (Action - Teen), my rating 8
      ***Tomb Raider (Legend & Anniversary)(Action - Teen), my rating 8.5 (Main character is Lara Croft, a female/heronie)
      ***Van Helsing (Action - Teen), my rating 8
      ***X2 Wolverine's Revenge (Action - Teen), my rating 8

      There are a total of 32 games on this list. They are all Platformer/Action/Adventure games, my favorite kind. I have enjoyed playing all of these games, I still have them and I do not intend to ever get rid of them. I enjoy replaying them from time to time. I have played all of these games on my PS2, so they could also be played on a PS3. Hope this helps. GAME ON!!!!!

    Legalities of designing a video game concept?
    I have an idea for a video game that, well I think is a good idea. I have written it all down. However, I am concerned that if I send it to a company they will take my idea and not pay me a thing. any advice?

    I haven't actually programmed this game or anything, I just wrote a kind of manual/strategy guide detailing how it would work if it were made by the company.

    But at least the idea is my property, so they would have to give me something, wouldn't they...

    • ANSWER:
      It isn't really legally yours until you get it copyrighted. Make sure that the idea has not been done before and go get it done before someone else cashes in on your idea!

    If your relationship has been suffering, what do you do for Christmas?
    I have been living with my fiance for a year. Things have been horrible the last few months. We've been fighting all the time and having a hard time living with one another. We just started couple's counseling but we are still a looong way from being very happy together. It's going to take time and patience and the main thing is we really love and care about one another. Being that we still are having trouble living together peacefully, what can I do for him for Christmas?

    There is a good possibility that things won't work out between us and I don't want to spend a ton of money on him. In fact, he didn't get me anything for my birthday in September, when I still bought him gifts, but 2 months later when we separated I think he felt guilt so bought me 0 Kohl's gift card. I think he thought I'd not be too hurt if he said "I didn't have enough time". But he has 50+ hours/week to play video games, smoke pot and be lazy. If it was because he didn't have enough money, I suspect that's because he uses too much of his leftover money on pot and video games. Sorry, it hurts. But anyway, what are some ideas I can get him for Christmas? Even if he gets me nothing again, I want to get him something(s) out of my heart.

    I know one thing he wants is a Persona I video game strategy guide (about ), yeah that'll just feed his video game addiction and separate us more! He needs some long sleeved shirts. He has only a few black ones (that he can wear under his short-sleeved work shirts) but the majority of his clothes are black - very morbid. He wanted a glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt a few months ago - but isn't that too childish for a 33-year old to wear, especially in public (I'd be embarrased around him)?

    So any other ideas or opinions from you?

    p.s. He already gets enough exciting sex from me so no need to suggest that.

    • ANSWER:

    In Dead Rising the Video game, where can I find Keys to unlock the security rooms?
    It gets a bit tiring after a while to get survivors from one area to another, especially when the whole entire mall is crawling with over 50,000 zombies! Plus I don't like waking up in one area but have to complete one mission that is all the way across on the other side of the mall. So how do I open those security rooms? I already read the strategy guide on and that didn't help none whatsoever.

    need some help here!!

    • ANSWER:
      Here you go! Now go kill some zombies!
      Maintenance Tunnel Key:

      You can get the key at any point in the game, TC. As soon as the game starts, enter Leisure Park...Head to the Northwest corner of the park. There's a white pavillion area with a flowerbed walkway. If you look at the wall, you'll see an opening in the wall...

      Follow that walkway to the parking lot where there's a motorcycle and a red convertible. You will also see the entrance to the Maintenance Tunnels there at that parking lot.

      Get into the red convertible. Drive into the Maintenance Tunnels.

      When the Tunnels load....take a right....then your first left...then your next right.

      If you look at your map, it's basically a bit "T" underneath the center of Leisure Park.

      That's the Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse.

      Go inside...there will be a Maintenance Tunnel Key in the far right and a respawnable SMG (Sub machine gun) in the far left corner.

      Anytime you restart a game, you need to get that Key again so you can use the Maintenance Tunnel Doors placed around the mall.

    If you were pre-ordering a video game, which free gift would you most want with the game?
    Hi everyone!
    Here are your options:
    4 exclusive, unlockable characters
    Exclusive T-shirt
    Strategy Guide

    I am undecided as to where to pre-order UFC Undisputed 2010 for the Xbox 360 as I am undecided regarding which free pre-order gift I want with the game.
    Thanks for your time.
    Thankyou all for your help. Looks like I'll be getting the characters then 😀

    • ANSWER:
      1. Exclusive Characters, this is the best option because you are going to be playing the game.
      2. The shirt is second because it will last for longer, but the quality of game give away clothing is always cheap because so many people will be ordering it.
      3. Then the DVD because you can watch it over and over, but it would get repetitive, and you can always watch UFC anywhere.
      4. Then last the strategy guide, it is a fighting game its all about instincts not strategy so dont get that.

    looking for Growlanser Generations strategy guide?
    this is the strategy book for playing the "Growlanser, Generations" video game on PS2

    • ANSWER:
      Help Start This Super Guide!

      This Super Guide hasn't been started yet and could use your help! To begin contributing to this Super Guide page, simply click the "Edit" link above or in the Super Guide Contents sidebar. You'll then be taken to the editable version of this page, where you can remove this standard introductory text and add in your own.

      To add new sections to this Super Guide, such as guides for specific levels or characters, simply click on the "Add New Section" link in the Super Guide Contents sidebar. Once you create the new section you'll be able to edit it just as you can this one.

      Thanks for helping share your game tips and strategies!

    What PS3 video game or games should I buy my boyfriend?
    He has all of the Call of Dutys, Fallout 3, Saints Row 2, Godfather, Resistance 1 & 2, Assassins Creed 1 and he's played Bioshock, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 14, God of War 3, Assassins Creed 2. His birthday is 3 weeks away & I've already bought him things like a new controller and different things for his PS3 but I want to surprise him with a new game and maybe a strategy guide or maybe just a couple games. I just need some ideas.
    & He likes playing games online. He plays MW2 online almost 24/7. So maybe a game that's good for playing online too.

    • ANSWER:
      If he plays Modern Warfare 2 all the time, then he will more than likely fall in love with Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    where can i find a strategy guide for mystery dungeon explorers of time and explorers of darkness
    video game cheat codes

    • ANSWER:
      well you can either buy the official strategy guide at a store, or go to a game site that has an online guide, like gamefaqs

    Desktop Publishing jobs. Are there any?
    I'm doing research on different certificate/Diploma programs for me to get into so I can get a job making at least /hour. Doesn't have to be anything fancy just want a permanent, decent paying job so I can be stable financially while I work on my bigger dreams and goals. I saw desktop publishing at one school, Erwin Tech, and wanted to know what it is really about and how easy or hard is it to get a job with such a diploma/certificate. I know it's part of what graphic design is but does that mean all the jobs are most likely filled with graphic designers already? Would pursuing this program be a waste? I really like to make video game strategy guides but don't know if that would apply to this. Thank you for your time. Take care.
    Yea I thought so. It didn't seem like a certificate worth going for. I'm thinking more medical for it like Medical Billing Specialist. I feel ur pain about the expenses cuz I've alrdy spent some good money on stuff that did me no good. Thanks for the info. Hope you have or will find a better job.

    • ANSWER:
      The Reality Check is that you will have a hard time finding any job paying you /hr for "nothing fancy."
      Desktop publishing, like Graphic Designer, is becoming commonplace, because anyone with a computer and some software can do it. It then becomes a challenge to 1. Find someone willing to hire others to do it, and 2. Stand out from the crowd of people doing it to earn decent money.

      Yes, pursuing the program with a career in mind would be a waste.

      Making Video game strategy guides is likewise a fairly worthless investment of your efforts. Companies like Prima do not pay all that well, and the market for such things is so small, there simply is not that big a demand.

      Do a Web search on Technical Jobs in demand, and do some research. You'll find the ones that have the best promise of turning into an actual job when you graduate, as well as the average starting salary for them.

      In general, stay away from "Technical" schools. They usually have a LOUSY track record of their students actually getting a job, and only take a lot of your money and time teaching you something that won't earn you enough back to pay for what you went to the school for in the first place.

    Does Nintendo Power still make strategy guides?
    I've been looking for strategy guides for some of my newer video games, such as Mario Kart Wii, but all I can find are Prima guides. To be honest, I prefer Nintendo over them because most of the time, Prima is inaccurate with their information and often misleading, which is inconvenient when you are stuck on a level in a video game. So, I've come to the conclusion that perhaps Nintendo stopped publishing guides? Hopefully not...

    • ANSWER:
      Nintendo Power's publication was bought from Nintendo, and since then, there are no more guides from Nintendo Power.

    Has anyone been to Nintendo World in NYC?
    I've heard they sell almost anything Nintendo has ever made is that true? For example, do they still sell SUPER NES & N64 products, such as video games and strategy guides etc.

    • ANSWER:
      No, they don't sell old stuff like that.

      It's smaller than I expected but yeah, they have a lot. There's a games counter where the latest releases are, then everywhere else there's merchandise. Clothing, hats, keychains, trading cards, figurines, plush toys, recent guides, everything. There was even a section or two completely dedicated to pokemon. I recall getting a Mario shirt that said, "Will play for Mushrooms." and a LoZ: TP trading card pack, along with a Nintendo themed Monopoly board. I also remember a two foot tall Fierce Diety Mask Link figurine selling at a high price.

      All it really is is a big Nintendo themed merchandise store.

    die by the sword video game?
    i was playing a video game on my computer called die by the sword and i got to the level called : main keep
    and i dont know how to get past it does anyone know or give me a website with a strategy guide for it.

    • ANSWER:
      Hahaha.. Thats a pretty old game. I was playing that like 6 years ago. Lol.. Anyways.. I get most of my cheats and guides from

      goodluck 😉

    Free Online Strategy Guide Book help?
    ok im looking for a ebook (FREE or illegal) i dont care as long is its not a gamefaq or torrent im looking for a ebook strategy books to download and view... i know what most people think im cheap or poor WRONG im lazy and dont feel like going to youtube and watching some guy play a video game or trying to read a bunch of text i want a ebook or something with pictures (strategy guide ebooks like buying them on or something but downloads)

    • ANSWER:
      These are a few sites: (on some games)


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