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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does mercenaries play ground of destruction (original xbox game) cheat codes work on the xbox 360?
    I was wondering, do the cheat codes for mercenaries playground of destruction, work for the xbox 360? I am thinking about getting the game, i just want it for a T rated GTA. Thank u for whom ever awnsers it correctly. My gamertag on 360live is Trunk monkay spaces included. feel free to send me messages.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah they work

    How do I do xbox game cheats on my xbox 360?
    I want to play The Sims 2, an xbox game, on my xbox 360. However, there is no "black" button on the 360 controller. Are there any cheats for The Sims 2 for the xbox 360? Or, is there any way I can make the xbox cheats work on my 360?

    • ANSWER:
      You have a Left Button and a Right Button. Those take the place of the Black and White button. Not exactly sure which is which, but they are those buttons.

      In case you don't know where they are, they sit next to the Left and Right Triggers on a standard controller.

    Family Guy Xbox game cheat!?
    I'm playing family guy xbox game, I need to know a cheat on how to get past all those crazy doctors hitting me. I think its level 2 ? Its really hard :S

    • ANSWER:

    is there a health cheat code for mafia xbox game that works?
    im looking hi and low to find a cheat code for the mafia game on xbox to have unlimited health?

    • ANSWER:
      no everything was patched

    Do xbox game cheats work on the xbox 360?
    I know some of the xbox games work on the xbox 360 but do the cheats for the game?

    • ANSWER:
      yes just replace black with the left bumper and white with the right bumper

    Armed and dangerous xbox game cheat help??!?
    I entered play all levels cheat,

    moved around, but nothin happened.
    i did enter it right.

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure you entered it correctly or get it off another site.

    armed and dangerous xbox game cheat help??!?
    I entered the Play Any Level cheat on cheat enter screen

    and its activated, but now what I do?? HELP!
    dewd, dont answer unless u dont know

    • ANSWER:
      You need to walk around and then the cheat will take effect.

    I need Cheat Codes for the Xbox game timesplitters ?
    I need some cheat codes for the game timesplitters future perfect on the Xbox.

    the most will get the best answer and the most points

    • ANSWER:
      I'm afraid there are no "cheat codes" per se
      there are however a large amount of unlockables
      the following two links seem to comprise most if not all of them

    Scarface xbox game mission cheat?
    does anyone know the last misson cheat on Scarface the world is yours(xbox game) the cheat i want is the last misson one where you kill sosa does anyone know it?? also is there any drug or money cheats??
    cheers mate but for some reason the mission replay cheats dont work

    • ANSWER:
      heres all the cheats

      BUMMER 4x4 Stampede vehicle
      S13 Babylon Club Redux
      DW_fron Cabana Cigar/Oakly drive in
      FLYSTRT CHEAT: Decrease Cop Heat
      NOBALLS CHEAT: Decrease Gang Heat
      FPATCH CHEAT: Fill Balls Meter
      DONUT CHEAT: Increase Cop Heat
      GOBALLS CHEAT: Increase Gang Heat
      KILLTONY CHEAT: Kill Tony
      AMMO CHEAT: Max Ammo
      MEDIK CHEAT: Refill Health
      BLACK Clothing: Black Suit Tony
      BLUESH Clothing: Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses
      GRAY Clothing: Gray Suit Tony
      GRAYSH Clothing: Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses
      S12 Deliver
      S07A Freedom town redux
      F_M_SHA Havana Storehouse
      HAWAII Hawaiian shirt Tony
      HAWAIIG Hawaiian shirt Tony w/shades
      F_M_SHC Leopard Storage
      F_M_SHB Marina Storage
      TUNEME Music Track: "The World Is Yours"
      S09 Nacho Contreras
      S10 Nacho's Tanker
      DW_fron Ogrady's
      TBURGLR Repair Tony's Vehicle
      SANDY Sandy shirt Tony
      SANDYSH Sandy shirt Tony w/shades
      F_M_SHD Shoreline Storage
      A51 The Dock Boss
      S18 The End
      A22 The Plantation
      A23 Tranquilandia
      S11 Un-Load
      OLDFAST Vehicle: Spawn Ariel MK III
      666999 Vehicle: Spawn Bacinari
      DOZER Vehicle: Spawn Bulldozer
      MARTHA Weather Modifier: Change Time of Day
      SHAZAAM Weather Modifier: Toggle Lightning
      RAINY Weather Modifier: Toggle Rain
      WHITE White suit Tony
      WHITESH White suit Tony w/shades

    Where can i get xbox 360 game's cheat codes ?
    where can i find xbox 360 cheat codes from the internet?

    Does xbox 360 have something like action replay on ps2?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi New Xbox 360 Gamer,
      You can get xbox 360 games cheat codes here
      I would recommend
      Xploder Cheat Saves for Grand Theft Auto IV.
      It has good reviews. I hope this helps.

    Are there any game cheats for the xbox game Forgotton realms Demon Stone?
    I have been playing this game forever and I can't seem to get past the stupid spider on the 3 or 5th level without dying so I was wondering if there were any cheat codes for the game that I could put in so that I wont die?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no cheats for that game, however maybe this will help.

      Go to

      search the game, they offer faqs on how to beat levels, it's for ps2 but it's the same game so it should work on xbox as well.

    does anyone know any good cheat codes for xbox 360 game the best website to ge the codes i need help?
    i want to know if anyone know a good website that i can get codes for all my xbox 360 games i need the best website there is i need a lot of answers please.

    • ANSWER:
      This website has the largest collection of Xbox 360 cheat codes:

    what are some websites for good xbox 360 game cheats?
    I have saints row 1 for xbox 360 and i have many cheats for the game and some don't work. anybody know where i can get a full list of cheats for that particular game???

    • ANSWER:
      GameFAQs is the best place to go, anywhere.

    XBOX 360 game cheat Call of Duty 3?
    Does anyone know the cheat for unlimted health on Call of Duty 3 for the Xbox 360. Thanks.. Happy new year
    Is there any way you can use the directional pad to move instead of left stick by the way!!??

    • ANSWER:
      Here are the cheat codes that I could find for COD3. There was not a listing for UNL health.

      As far as using the digital pad instead of the analog stick, No it is not possible to use it as your movement choice.

    How do I enter cheat codes for transformers the game Xbox 360 version?
    I can't find the menu that every cheat site keeps to referring to.

    "Enter codes at the "Campaign/Bonus Features" main menu."

    I have tried to enter the codes into the cheat code menu but it hasn't worked.

    • ANSWER:
      if i could help you, i would, But

      1 I've never seen the game.

      and 2 i have no idea how to reach that menu either.

      i do know that you will most likely need to enter the codes with the D-Pad (the big Grey plus-sign on the controller for those of you who don't know what that is) and if that doesn't work, you might need to hold X too, not sure about that last one.

      also, using the cheats deactivates the achievements, so if your son likes those achievements, then i wouldn't use the cheats. (in English; its like a light switch, when one is on, the other is off)

    Are there any actual cheat codes for the xbox 360 game blue drgon?
    I have searched every cheat codes site that I could think of and I've tried google, so if you know of any then you could either tell me the cheat and what it does or you could give me the site.
    I meant Blue Dragon in the question.

    • ANSWER:
      No cheat codes for this game. Probably some glitches though.

    how can i get cheat codes for an xbox game called oddworld stranger's wrath?
    i am stuck on a level that only give you 3 1/2 minutes to get to the end and i have tried everyway possible to get there and i cant.

    • ANSWER:

      search engines yahoo are amazing.. you just type in what your looking for and wallah it's magic.. and much quicker than yahoo answers!

    Where can I find Cheat Codes for the new XBOX 360-WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 game?
    Where can I find Cheat Codes for the new WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 game? For XBOX 360?
    I am just wondering if there is a site that can give that info right now? Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    what are some xbox 360 games that have cheat codes?
    now a days, not many xbox 360 games have cheat codes and i use cheat codes a lot to beat the game and its a lot more fun with cheats to me. thank you for all your help!

    • ANSWER:

    Xbox 360 console playing a reg xbox san andreas game & cheat codes won't work. Why and which ones WILL work?

    • ANSWER:

    Cheat codes for the original Sims game on Xbox?
    Any cheats would be helpful but I'm looking for one in particular. What cheat keeps your sims happy all the time without have to mess with their hunger and bladder and comfort and all that. Remember I'm playing the original Sims 1 game on the original Xbox. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Step 1: Find a gun.
      Step 2: Kill yourself or find a real game to play. Preferably involving a revolver and six bullets.
      Step 3: See Step 1.

    Why won't Xbox Shrek 2 game cheats work when I play it on Xbox 360?
    I have tried a zillion times all types of combo cheat codes but they don't seem to work. I'm playing Shrek 2 Xbox game on Xbox 360. Does anyone know a cheat to unlock all levels that works???

    • ANSWER:
      offcourse it wont! it only works for the xbox1......

    Scott Pilgrim: The Game Cheat Question (Xbox 360)?
    If you input a cheat, does it cause any changes from the obvious purpose, such as block acheivements, get recorded as cheating online or anything? And if so, are they reversable? And for those that seem that they could change gamplay drastically, does the game still function simalarly (Ex: if i put in the sonic reference cheat that turns money into animals, if i touch them do i still get the money)

    • ANSWER:
      I only used the extra modes cheat along with Blood Mode and managed to get a trophy (has the PS3 version of SP). And I think you still get the money, it'll just look like animals.

    Is it all XBOX games that don't have cheat codes or just the ones I seem to get?
    I can't find a single cheat code for ANY xbox game that I have. Is it just my "wonderful" luck or do all xbox games have to be beaten first in 'whatever' mode before you can have any fun with it?

    • ANSWER:
      Most that I've played have cheat codes... so yeah, either you don't look in the right place or it's just the games you get.

    Does Xbox have a cheat for infinite health in the game Back?
    I am frustrated by the end of the last mission. I have been playing the final mission for close to two months now. Have been unable to defeat it. Need to know if anyone out there knows of a cheat code for infinite health. I really do not like to use cheat codes, however I have given the last mission of this game my all. I need to finish it and continue on with another game.

    • ANSWER:
      hehe, you didn't mention what the game actually was. 🙂

      I would go to to see if there are any cheat codes. If there aren't any cheat codes available, there's bound to at least be a detailed walk through of how to beat the last mission or perhaps some strategy hints to help you play better.

      Or you could check youtube to see a video walk-through of someone beating the last level. There are many videos of people playing through difficult missions on maximum difficulty to show off their gaming chops. I'm sure you could learn something from them.

      Many games don't include cheat codes anymore unfortunately, because cheat codes reduce the play-time of a game before people sell it back to the store. Companies want the users to hold on to their games as long as possible to reduce pre-owned sales.

    is there a fable xbox game invincibilty cheat code/?

    • ANSWER:
      you can find all the cheats in the following websites

      If you dont wanna connect to the internet to get the cheats,faq's and tricks then download the software called 'Cheatbook database 2006'. It has cheatcodes for all gaming consoles.

    How do I enter cheat codes for Tony Hawk's Project 8 video game for Xbox 360?
    I have correct cheat codes for the game, and I went to the home screen that appears once you put the game in and it fully loads, and I went to options, then to the cheat menu to enter the codes, and I think it even made a noise that the codes were correct after I entered them each in individually, then I hit save game, then I went back to career mode and tried to turn on the cheats but there was nothing there. What am I doing wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      the cheats only works in Free Skate mode ..except for the 'all decks' cheat

    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen game cheats (XBOX 360)?
    If I use the cheats like invincibility during the campaign, can i still unlock achievements? Or will it cancel out the achievements? Because some games don't allow you to use cheat codes and unlock achievements. I was wondering if it was the same for this game.

    • ANSWER:

    Does any know if the cheat code for the new Wolverine Game works on Xbox 360?
    I love using cheat codes in games. I still enjoy it the same, and I have seen cheat code on and and I haven't found a person who says that the codes work. I don't want to buy the game without knowing help please.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes they work excellently, I recently bought Wolverine Uncaged on 360 and it is a brutal game but you won't die if you enter the codes from, and you will have infinite rage and double relex. The game is awesome in itself. Now you have to hear the sound for you to know the code is working. Your blood will still go down after the no die code is entered but YOU WON'T DIE, your body body will be super bloody and expose, especially if you run into the machine guns, you will look like a skeleton with claws running around. The infinite rage is excellent, you can power up and go to town on your enemies. I am not sure if you have to enter the codes again once you turn the console off, but find a no fighting spot to enter the codes. Important: YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE after the codes have been entered.

    What are cheat codes for Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures, xbox?
    Could you tell me all cheats you know of that game and were to type the cheat codes into in the game. THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      Infinite energy:

      While playing the game, press Black(2), L, Black, X, Y, B, A.

    What games on Xbox 360 can you entered cheat codes from like the extras or option menu?
    I live playing games with cheat codes sometimes like with Infinite Health or Invicibility or All Upgrades. I want a list of games you can enter these codes either in the menu or in-game play. Example of the code: up up down down left right OR Y X X B A X A. Games that are an example are Star Wars Unleashed - Wolverine : Xmen Origins - KungFu Panda - Rock Band - Guitar Hero. Please help thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      well there are many games but try this site out. I always go to it to see what games are out,the ratinhs of the games and the cheat codes for the game. It should help you.

    will the original xbox game "Splinter Cell" work for the exploit cheat for softmodding an xbox ?
    in an exploiting guide it showed a picture of splinter cell and the cover was different... it had "Stealth Redifined" or something under it...???

    • ANSWER:
      I am pretty sure the original should work

    the simpsons game xbox 360 cheat codes?
    any ones and where and when do i enter them

    • ANSWER:
      the codes are only to unlock costumes go to

    what is the real cheat codes to mercenaries 2 wrold in video game for xbox 360?
    please some one tell me please. I am in this level where you have to destory the chinese ship and it's hard. the video game is hard. so can you tell me real codes for the game so that it won't be hard for me.
    can you tell me how to defeat the three chinanese ships qucik and easy.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's some cheat codes, but you need an online update. If you use any cheats your achievements are permanently disabled for your current save/profile.
      A few ways to destroy the three Chinese ships.

      1.Get a jet-ski and go to one of the ships, go on it and kill everyone, if you see the other ships then use a air-strike with a laser, point it at the other ship, then throw a smoke grenade air-strike on the ship your on. Go on your jet-ski and get out of that area so the air-strike doesn't kill you, and two ships will be destroyed, then ride to land and use a laser to take out the last ship or go on the last ship and use a smoke grenade.
      2.Get a vehicle and drive near the water then stop when a ship is close the use a laser air-strike to take it out, repeat with the other two ships.
      3. Hijack one of the Chinese ships and then try to destroy the other ships with its weapons if it has any, then if you destroy that ship try to destroy the other ship with its weapons if you have any ammo left or ram your ship into the last ship and make it hit land or a wall, then quickly get out and jump on the other ship kill the driver then use a smoke grenade air-strike to destroy both ships.

      But you should get a really powerful laser and smokes grenade air-strikes for all three above, from a faction shop or it might not destroy the ships.

    How exactly on the net do I go about finding a cheat sheet for the XBOX 360 game I'm playing?

    • ANSWER:
      Just Search On Any Search Engine Like Ask Google & Yahoo...Cheats For (Name Of Game)

    Can u use xbox game cheats on xbox 360 when the game is backwards compatible?????????????

    • ANSWER:
      ya I don't see why not I mean you'd just have to hit the same buttons. and instead of b/w it'd be lb/rb

    is there a cheat code for xbox game called juiced for unlimited money?

    • ANSWER:
      Career Mode: Unlimited Cash:
      Enter the code FAST at the code section to get Unlimited Cash.

      Easy Money:
      In career mode, go to your garage and do something with one of your cars (for example, switch a part or get a different paint job). The game should autosave. Then, go back to your race menu. Go in a sprint and bet all your money on one car that looks the fastest. It it does not win at least three races out of four, turn off the Xbox and turn it back on. It will load your last autosave. Try the same sprint again until you win then find a different sprint and start the entire process again.

      Unlimited Money:
      On code section enter "FAST" to get unlimited money in arcade mode.
      Unlock all Tracks and Cars in Arcade Mode:
      On code section insert PINT to activate the code. PING is used as a code in the pre-release version.

    Are there any cheat codes for The Bigs baseball game for XBOX 360?
    My only access to a computer is here at school and I can't access any websites that are tied to games cuz they are blocked. If somebody could copy and paste there in an answer that would be great. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      This is all I could find:

      Good rookie
      Create a rookie and name him HOT DOG. He will automatically have good stats.

    can I use cheats for an xbox game although I'm playing on a 360?
    I have an xbox 360. I'm trying to use cheats for need for speed underground 2 although the game is just an xbox game. Is it a game by game situation, or do cheats not work on a 360 while playing the older games?

    • ANSWER:
      The cheats will work, as you are still playing the actual game. Unless there is a button you must press that is not on the Xbox 360 controller, they should work.

    How do I Insert XBox 360 Game cheats?
    I have the cheats but I'm not sure how to insert them to by-pass tournaments

    For example Tournament Of Champions (Poker)

    - how do I insert the cheats into the console?

    • ANSWER:

    cheat sheet for video game xbox?
    need to find cheat sheet for video game true crime streets of new york for xbox

    • ANSWER:
      Look on the page below.

    its an xbox game and cheat is suppose to be hold left trigger and press x y b a - I do and it doesn't work, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    This is how to cheat on the miniclip game Xbox Party Mansion:?
    First go to your game. Then right when it starts press the button on yourkeyboard that says Prt Scn. then press pause. Go into MS Paint and paste it. The picture will be there but the time wont move!!

    • ANSWER:
      yes. ok thanks

    I need help with the cheat codes i found for my sims 2 game (xbox)?
    I found some awesome cheat codes for my sims 2 game for xbox, but i can't read it! I don't know what buttons to push when it says left, right, up, black, etc...those descriptions apply to many. Please help me understand what buttons to push, or direct me to a site that can.
    I found the cheats at

    • ANSWER:
      whered you find the cheats?

    Why do most of the Xbox 360 games dont have cheat codes?
    Most of the Xbox 360 games only have "unlocables" that show how to unlock achievments and gliches but there are no actual cheat codes... even for games like oblivion that on the PC has A LOT of cheats there are non for Xbox 360... why is that?

    • ANSWER:
      well the developers and publishers now adays are trying to get more money out of the games and make them have longer game time for example someone could cheat there way through MW2 finish it in record time den sell it, resulting in loss for the company making the games.

    Are there any cheat codes for the Xbox 360 game "Vampire Rain"?
    Just got this game and was wondering if there were any cheat codes... or how about cheat codes for Tomb Raider: Legend?

    • ANSWER:
      Mate, you look like an ancient vampire. Anyway, lets get back to the question. Yes, there should be a few. Google them. Thank you.

    For an Xbox 360 game, let's say King Kong, can you beat games with cheats and still get achievements?
    I am getting "King Kong" for Xbox 360, and my friend says that there are cheats for it and 100 point achievements after beating each level. If i was to input a cheat, like invicibilty, could I still get achievements? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    cheat for xbox 360 game?
    does anyone have any cheats for resident evil 5 on xbox 360...i tried a lot of websites but they only show me unlockables so can anyone give me actual cheats?

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone want to give me some free or cheap Xbox 360 games or cheat codes.?
    Anything helps. I am really trying to add to my collection. If not can you lead me to some good websites that have cheap Xbox 360 games, I prefer free shipping from the websites.

    • ANSWER:
      FRee no purchase

    will cheat work on the game in the sonic Genesis collection for the xbox 360?
    yeah i just wanted to know if the cheats still work for the game in here like they did in the old days?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, you just have to figure out the difference between controller layout.


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